The Veggie Tag!

Hey All!

If you follow me on Social Media you probably know that I'm a proud Vegetarian with a slight obsession with Quorn food lol. I haven't seen any Veggie Tags floating around the Blogging community so I thought I would create this one for fun. 

If you're a fellow Veggie feel free to take a blast at it yourself.

Here goes...

Q1, When and why did you become a Vegetarian?

In 2006 I saw a Docu on TV about Farm Animals and they showed footage of Pigs & Cows being slaughtered. I was horrified and it broke my heart to see what these poor Animals go through. I grew up visiting farms as a child and always loved Animals so I felt so much guilt and a hypocrite that I ate Animal Meat back then. 

Q2, Why are you not a Vegan?

At the moment I'm in the process of trying to see what Vegan foods are out there. I tried to go Full Vegan last year and I ended up really ill, I had no energy and some of the foods/drinks made me sick. I won't give up though, I'll try again with other products and see what happens.

Q3, What do you think of people who continue to eat Animal Meat?

As a Scottish person I was brought up on a lot of Animal Meat based dinners because that was all we
could afford at the time like most families where I lived. I lived in Ignorance and didn't really know what happened with Animals and tried not to think about it. I notice that some people will turn away or change the subject when the topic of  slaughter comes up. I think it's hard for some people who have been brought up all their lives eating Animal Meat. 

Q4,What Quorn foods are your Favourites?

I'm a big fan of everything Quorn. I love having a Quorn bacon sandwich for Sunday breakfast and their Cocktail sausages are addictive.

Q5, What are your Favourite Veggie Sweets?

I love Giant Strawberries (Strawbz) and Strawberry Shoelaces. You can find these at most Supermarkets but you have to check the ingredients to ensure they are Veggie as some are not. 

So there you have it....! 

Thanks as always for checking out my latest post, see you in the next one!

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