November Favourites!

Hey Guys and Gals!

Here we are nearly at the end of November and I thought I best get my 'Favourites Of The Month' post up. 

I've already completed Part One of my Christmas Gift Guide and I'm currently working on the second one. 

This month has seen various Fantastic products come my way which I have shared some of them with you but I still have more Amazing Products up my sleeve. 

November has been a month of Shopping Sprees (that's not unusual for me) and Exciting Collaborations. 

I'll be sharing Exciting Collaborations, Blogger Interviews, Giveaways, Christmas Gift Ideas and all sorts of Festiveness in the coming month so stay tuned for that!

So, on to the products that have been wowing me this month....

First up...I had to include this in my 'Faves' (I will be featuring a more In-depth review/pics in my next Christmas Gift Guide). This bundle of Gorgeous-ness arrived at my doorstep this morning so I haven't had the time to enjoy all the beautiful products yet but I can tell you they smell so Gorgeous. 

The Kind folks over at I Love...cosmetics sent me these beauties and I'm obsessed! I Love.... always have Gorgeous products which smell Amazing. I've included them a few times in previous posts and in my Christmas Gift Guide from last year. Very much a Favourite brand of mine.

You can find I Love....on:

Another Absolute Gem this month has been these Stunning Wax Melts from Pick N Melt I'm in the process of reviewing these wax delights to be included in my Next Christmas Gift Guide but because I'm loving them so much I thought I'd include a bit about them in this post. 

The minute these beauties came through the post I was looking forward to getting the pretty white wax burner set up and having fun deciding which Wax Melt I would use first. I was sent a Fabulous range of Christmas Scents and you know how I love my Winter/Christmas Scents. Right now, 'Christmas Spice' is getting a big thumbs up but I've yet to review the others which I'm looking forward to. 

You can find 'Pick N Melt' on:

This Dark Green Bobble Hat (Faux Pom Pom BTW) is only £5.99 from New Look and I love it! So comfy, warm and stylish. These hats come in a range of different colours and are an absolute must-have in this weather. New Look have various style of Beanie Hats which all look super cute. You can find this exact hat Here! 

They say your hair starts to get thinner as you get older (not that I'm ancient lol, I have noticed the difference in my hair as the years have gone by) and having long, fine hair I was in desperate need of some Va Va Voom and to give my poor hair a break from backcombing. I was struggling to find hair products that actually gave me volume. The answers to my prayers have come in the form of the Luxurious Volume range by John Frieda. 

I'm amazed at the difference to my hair, it's suddenly sprung into life. It's thicker, more bouncy and a lot healthier looking. I'm just giving them a brief mention here because I've been so impressed with the range that I think these would be an Excellent Gift for someone. I'll be including them in my Next Christmas Gift Guide and doing a separate review with before and after pictures of my hair. 

You can find John Frieda on:

Being the Candle Addict that I am, I love picking up Winter Scented Candles. I usually go for the 'Spiced Apple' scents but I've been really impressed with this 'Cranberry Zest' Scented candle from Yankee Candles I've been burning it every evening for the past week and it's still going strong. I picked my up from a local Candle store for £10.00 but you can find similar scents to this one on the Yankee Candle website.

This is Fast becoming my Favourite Self Tan, The Tanning range from Bondi Sands is Amazing! I've tried various tans before and even been naughty in the past with doing the whole Sunbed thing (Yikes). I've been trying out their Tanning Lotion and I'm now trying out their Tanning Mist. I also have their Tanning Mousse too. I'm Impressed with both results from both the Lotion and the mousse. I'm aiming to try out all three products to see which I find is the easiest application for me. 

The scent is Gorgeous and makes me think of sandy beaches and sunshine. I will be doing a full review of all three products with pictures in a future review but I'll also be including the range in my next Christmas Gift Guide as I find them to be such a Luxurious Tanning brand/product that I feel they would be an Amazing stocking filler for Gals and Guys who love the Natural Sunkissed look with out the streaks. 

You can find 'Bondi Sands' on:

So, there you have it...some of my Favourite Products this month. Look out for Part Two of my Christmas Gift Guide. Which products have you been loving this month?

As always, thanks for reading and I'll see you in the next post....

*I Love..., Pick N Melt, John Frieda, Bondi Sands are samples gifted to me, not sponsored. New Look Beanie Hat, Yankee Candle are purchased by myself. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are 100% genuine and my own. I own all the pictures included in this post*