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In this post as part of my 'Blogger Interview Series' we meet the lovely Chelsea from Taste The Tea

As you may have guessed from the name, Chelsea is a great fan and expert of all things Tea. 

Check out her Interview below and I've included her Social Media links at the end of the post so don't forget to follow her.

(whilst we are on the subject of tea...I'm enjoying a cup of  'Earl Grey' as I type this lol)

Enjoy the Interview....

Q1) Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog?

Hey! I'm Chelsea and I run Taste the Tea which is a pretty niche blog that's all about tea, helping people to explore new flavours and also good quality tea too. (Sorry to the avid coffee lovers!) 

When I'm not blogging or working, my full time job is in construction, I'm rock climbing, cycling or eating (I love my food). I currently live in London, and have done for the past 3 years, but I'm moving to Canada in 2017. 

Q2) How long have you been blogging and when did you start?

I stared writing tea notes towards the end of 2015, which transgressed into blog posts that went live in February 2016, so just under a year.

Q3) What do you enjoy most about Blogging?

It's a toss up between the opportunity for self expression and helping others learn about and discover new tea. Oh and also meeting and talking to fellow tea lovers.

Q4) What do you enjoy least about blogging?

Photography; taking the photos, finding the best lighting, keeping photos original and innovative, editing. Like many bloggers I really struggled, especially at the beginning, to get some good pictures. Getting there thankfully. 

Q5) Is there a brand you would love to work with?

There are a couple of big brands on my dream list, from UK, EU and America, that I've already had the opportunity to work with, so I think now it's just trying to get reach in Australia and working some big Ozzy brands. 

Q6) Which brand have you enjoyed working with so far?

There are too many! 

Q7) What advice would you give to a newbie blogger?
Blogging can be a lot of work, especially in the initial stages, so remember that we've all been there with you, wanting to cry or pull our hair out over something. Try and stay positive by find success and triumph in the tiniest of things.

Q8) Do you have a set time or day set aside to blog or do you just write when the mood takes you?

I tend work 8-5 and then come home and just blog all evening until bedtime, whether that's writing a post, managing social media or just some general blog house keeping. As you can imagine by the weekend I'm pretty worn out, so I use the weekend for down time and often don't do much blogging in this time.

Q9) What is your Fave Social Media Platform?

Twitter is very easy for driving traffic, but I really enjoy the visuals of Instagram.

Q10) Which types of Blog Posts do you enjoy reading? 

It really depends on my mood, I can be very fickle, so sometimes I'll enjoy an informative and factual post, sometimes picture heavy posts.

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