Babyfaced Thirties with @ErnoLaszlo #LaszloGlow

Hey Everyone!

I've been meaning to blog about my Favourite go-to Face Mask: The Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask from Erno Laszlo for quite a while. I've been using this mask twice a week for the past couple of years and it's never failed to work wonders on my skin and keeping me looking 'Babyfaced'.

I'm turning 33 on Saturday and instead of running screaming for the hills or drawing my pension (Joke) I'm excited! I feel my skincare routine is the best it's been and my skin is looking and feeling better than it ever has. I really feel that using Erno Laszlo products has helped me keep the wrinkles at bay. Please Note: This is not a sponsored post, these really are some of my Favourite products!

Erno Laszlo has been the leader of Celebrity Skincare since 1927 and it's no surprise. I've bought and tried out tons of various Skincare products over the years but Erno Laszlo products are on another level. 

I talked about the Amazing Sea Mud, Deep Cleansing Bar in a previous post! 

As mentioned before, I use the 'Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask' twice a week. On Sundays I will go Makeup free and just apply the Mask to my face in the morning and wash it off at night. In the middle of the week I will apply the mask before going to bed and wash off in the morning. Every time I use the mask my skin is left feeling softer, smoother with a healthy, youthful glow. The mask is Amazing for dry/oily skin. I also have sensitive skin and never had any issues with the Mask or the Deep Cleansing bar, they've improved my skin! I can't say enough positive things about them!

So I feel Excited about turning 33 knowing my skin is looking it's best, no botox or fillers just using these Amazing products have enabled me to turn the clock back!

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*All products included in this post were purchased by myself, all pictures are my own, This is not a sponsored post*