Thinking of giving up blogging? lack of opportunities? then read this...

Hey Guys,

Over the past few weeks I've been seeing more and more bloggers tweeting about their despondency in regards to their blog. They've been talking about deleting their blog or feeling low because they've seen fellow bloggers offered opportunities from brands that they would love to work with. Some bloggers have felt left out due to not being invited to a blogger meet-up or brand event, the list goes on. 

So right now, I'm going to put my 'Auntie Jo' hat on and you can grab a cup of tea, chill for 2 minutes and have a read of the rest of this post....

I want to talk about some of the things you may be feeling, see if you can relate to anything I mention below because I aim to help fellow bloggers in this post.

So here goes...

1) A Brand I really like has worked with other bloggers but doesn't seem to want to work with me:

This is a common thing and I want to say to you....Don't ever think it's down to you or your blog! Don't think you have to change anything. It's easy to feel that way and I can understand why you would because I did. Some brands have stuck-up people working for them who have no idea how to work with bloggers. A Blogger mentioned to me that a well-known brush brand didn't want to work with her because 'her pictures were not professional enough' which was a lot of rubbish, her pictures were fabulous! Some brands don't act professional and can be bitchy. If you are in this situation, pick yourself up and move on from it, work with another brand and forget about them. 9 times out of 10 these brands later get exposed for their 'treatment' of bloggers as we've found out over the last few weeks with bloggers being ripped off. I have a big following and I was snubbed by a brand by email after they DM'd me on Twitter saying they wanted to work with me! After calling them out (lol) they sent another email saying they wanted to work with me and I told them to shove it! I later found out that they did this to quite a few bloggers. Some people think it only happens to newbie bloggers but it does also happen to bloggers with quite a number of followers. I wasn't approached by a brush brand that seemed to have worked with every blogger on the planet and when I contacted them I got the brush-off!(Excuse The Pun). I ended up contacting and collaborating with one of the most fabulous brush and makeup brands in the UK so there you go. You never know what's around the corner. If a brand is dumb enough not to work with you...don't sweat it sister..or brother! Move on to the next!!!!

2) I never get invited to Blogger Meet-ups or Brand Events:

I don't either! I've never been invited to anything and I run TheBloggersPost so there you go! In the beginning this used to get on my nerves but now It doesn't bother me one bit. I've seen so much carry-on and bitchiness after some of these events that It's kinda put me off. I know there are some where you can buy a ticket, some events look good and some look like a total rip off in my opinion.

3) I never make any money from my blog:

This can take ages, sometimes years for a blogger to start getting some form of payment for their hard work. I could jump on my soap box about bloggers being exploited all day long...and I have done somewhere on this blog haha! You NEED to create yourself a MEDIA KIT (basically a CV for your blog). The day will come when you will have a sponsored post! I know it's hard but keep at it, don't put up with any crap from a brand. make sure it's a 50/50 collaboration and that you are going to gain something from it! Never sell yourself short, promote yourself and your blog!

4) Fellow Bloggers don't talk to me/have blocked me on Twitter:

I've had loads of bloggers block me on Twitter and I've also been blocked by 'Blogging Communities/Retweet Accounts' etc. I don't know why (well, maybe the fact that I run TheBloggersPost seems to make some people think it's some kind of competition or something or maybe they just don't like me, who cares!) and I'm not bothered. I've blocked fellow bloggers too but always due to some reason, I don't just block people for the sake of it! Hardly any bloggers talk to me either even though I RT their posts like every single day (no shade) and pointed them in the direction of brand opportunities (again, no shade). I consider myself to be somewhat of a 'blogger outcast' and to be honest that's fine by me. I'm not going to kiss anybodies Ass to try and get myself further in the blogging community. It also makes me feel a little bit sick when I see some bloggers kissing up to 'bigger' bloggers. Not being in the centre of it all suits me fine because I miss all the drama that seems to go on in 'The Blogging Community' which seems to be happening more and more. I wrote a post about this a little while ago: 'Does The Blogging Community Really Exist'! and got quite a popular response. It may be Social Media but you're still going to come across people who are just not going to like you or your blog for the most silliest reasons, be it envy or seeing you as Competition. Focus on yourself and your blog and don't place importance on being every bodies friend in the 'blogging community'.

5) I don't enjoy Blogging anymore, it feels like a chore:

This is the moment when you put down the pen, log out of the computer and take a break from your blog! If you are feeling stressed out, pissed off and sick of blogging then you need to take a break. How long you take the break is up to you but you must do it and DON'T delete your blog! Keep your blog links on your Twitter page and just come off of Social Media for a few days, weeks or months! I once took 6 months off from my blog but that was down to moving house and personal drama. I locked my Twitter account and just ran 'The Bloggers Post'. When I came back to blogging it was like a fresh start! Last week I was pissed off (being honest lol) that I didn't make the 'Cosmo' short list, that two brands messed me about and it just seemed that nobody cared in The Blogging Community about who I was or just expected me to promote their blog all the time with no thanks. It was a bad moment and I knew that I needed to turn off the Social Media and I sat with my other half, ordered a pizza and watched horror movies and after a few hours felt fabulous! I took two days over the weekend to do 'nothing' except watch crap, go for bubble baths, eat junk and it did me the world of good! You must take some time for yourself and then you come back to it (when you feel ready) with a fresh pair of eyes! Blog when you want to blog. If it helps, pop me a DM and say 'Jo I'm taking a few days off of my blog/twitter could you do some shout outs on 'TheBloggersPost' for me' and I will happily do so. Your health and happiness comes first!

6) Bloggers follow me on Instagram/Twitter and then unfollow me as soon as I follow back:

I've mentioned this before and my advice to this is just 'Block', just unfollow back and don't take it personally. People can be bitches and it seems that it's common for some bloggers to follow a load of people, wait a few days and then unfollow when they think nobody will notice. Instagram is a pain in the ass, I'm still forcing myself to keep that thing going. Don't get bogged down with how many followers or 'likes' you get. If it's any consolation my 'likes' are a joke and mostly by bots or brand accounts and that's on my blimmin selfies lol, so I can understand how it can drive people mad. I just pop onto Instagram now and again if I have a post in the works and share a picture and like other people's posts. I know a lot of bloggers who post on there every single day and they are still going mad trying to grow their followers. I guess it's just one of those things.

So I think I've covered some of the main issues that you might be dealing with as a blogger. Some people think it's easy to be a blogger but its bloody hard work and it's quite brave, you're putting yourself and your work out there! You should pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself that you've built up your blog and created it all by yourself. There will be good days and bad days but never feel that you should delete all the hard work you've done. Take a break, leave it there and come back when you're ready.

I hope this post has made you feel a bit better and if you want to chat anytime just pop me a DM or Email, all the stuff that pisses you off about blogging is probably the same things that have pissed me off lol so hopefully I can cheer you up a bit!

Anyway, look after yourself, blog for yourself and do what you want to do and don't worry about anybody else.

Thanks for reading, Much Love as Always!!!! x