I'm Obsessed with @LittleBitLavish

Hey Everyone!

The beginning of this week has been...shall we say stressful haha! until this little beauty came to my door! On Monday night after a day of Stress and Drama I opened up this box full of Gorgeous pampering, de-stressing goodies that totally transformed me from 'Stress head' to 'Chilled out'.

When it comes to pampering products the Little Bit Lavish  subscription box is my Favourite! I have been saying for weeks how I needed an 'Eyemask', some 'Pillow Mist' and 'Lavender' products and I'd been trying to get my hands on the 'Clipper Sleep Easy Tea: Organic Chamomile, Lemon Balm and Lavender Infusion' Teabags for ages and here they all were...included in this box of pampering goodness!

I fell in love with everything in the #SweetDreams Edition of the Monthly Subscription box, it was as if I had created it myself and picked my favourite products to include. 

I had an Amazing bath that just soaked away all the stress and tension with the Bloomtown Botanicals - Pink Himalayan Salt Soak this delight contains Vitamin E and Almond Oil. It's been a long time since I used bath salts and these were Fantastic! My body was really relaxed when I stepped out of the bath. You can purchase a 285g bottle of this gem for only £10.00!

After the bath I continued the Pamper session with a few drops of the divine SISKYN Frankincense & Jasmine Night Facial Oil to my hands and applied it to my face and neck. This oil is supposed to be for the face but I loved the scent so much and the silky texture of the oil that I put it on my arms and legs too. My skin was baby soft and the scent is Gorgeous. I felt so pampered and the scent was even more relaxing. I felt so calm and chilled. You can find this Gorgeous oil as well as other beautiful skincare products on the SISKYN website. The Frankincense & Jasmine Oil retails at £32.00 for 30ml. I have sensitive skin and this was fantastic. The oil is suitable for all skin types and is 100% organic.

In the Amazing Little Bit Lavish box I found another treat... a little pot of the beautiful Kiss The Moon - Dream After Dark Balm containing Lavender, Bergamot, Cedarwood and Roman Chamomile, this was just too gorgeous for words. I applied some of the balm to my temples and wrists and again it was so relaxing. The balm is available to purchase at £16.00 for 12ml. You can find some beautiful products to help you to relax and get a proper restful sleep from the 'Kiss The Moon' website.

Once I had pampered my skin from head to toe and was feeling and smelling all gorgeous, I made myself a cup of tea with one of the Clipper Organic Sleep Easy Teabags and relaxed on the sofa, taking in the gorgeous, relaxing scent of the tea and the combination of the balm and facial oil.

Just before I got into bed I sprayed my pillows with the Addictive Tisserand Aromatherapy: Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist which contains Lavender, Sandalwood and Jasmine. You can find this beautiful spray on the 'Tisserand' website and it retails at £12.95. 

I climbed into bed and put on the beautiful, silky Jasmine Silk: Jasmine Eye Mask it is so soft and comfortable on your eyes. The straps are also adjustible. The mask retails at only £11.00.

I had the best nights sleep I had in ages and all my stress and tension just disappeared. I can't rave enough about Little Bit Lavish you need this Subscription box in your life, every product is quality. 

All the products contained in each 'Little Bit Lavish' monthly pampering box are natural and cruelty free! You have the choice of four subscription options:

1) A Monthly Subscription of £20 per month!

2) A three month subscription for £19 per month!

3) A Six Month Subscription for £18.50 per month! 

4) A one year subscription for £18.00 per month! (you will recieve a free box when you sign up to this option ) 

You can also send a box as a gift for a loved one or as a treat for yourself.

All shipping fees to the UK are free, Europe is £6 and the rest of the world is £10.

You can subscribe and find out more about the Amazing 'Little Bit Lavish' on: 

For all enquiries, contact Becky at: becky@littlebitlavish.co.uk 

Hope you enjoyed reading the review. I'm obsessed with 'Little bit lavish' and enjoyed doing this review. 

Happy Pampering!!!

*Samples were provided for this review, all thoughts and opinions are mine and 100% Genuine. Pictures are my own*