A/W Tag

Hey Guys & Gals!

I've seen a few 'Autumn' Tags floating around and thought I would have a go at doing an Autumn/Winter one. I've created this Tag myself so feel free to Tag yourselves, grap a cuppa or Hot chocolate, turn the heating up and get all cosy and have a go yourself!

Question 1, What do you love most about this time of year?:

I love that it's getting to the end of the year and that means....'Halloween', My Birthday 'Bonfire Night/Guy Fawkes' and of course 'Christmas'. It just feels like a positive time of year, All the shops are dressed up with Christmas decorations and music.

Question 2, What is your Favourite Autumn/Winter Outfit?: 

At this time of year I lovvveee wearing Knee High Boots, Ankle Boots, Slipper Boots (These are so comfy), Capes, Scarves, Hats, Gloves and fancy Winter coats!

Question 3, Favourite Autumn/Winter Drink?:

Cadburys Hot Chocolate!!

Question 4, How do you relax on a Autumn/Winter Evening?:

If I'm not curled up with a throw in front of netflix with a cup of Tea and candles burning, I like to have a big bubblebath (with more candles ofcourse) and either my favourite music or watching youtube video's whilst I'm in the bath lol.

Question 5, Favourite Autumn/Winter Nail Polish Colour?:

I Love Berry Shades or Black! 

Question 6, Favourite Autumn/Winter Food?: 

Quorn Sausage Rolls or a Quorn Roast with all the trimmings smothered in Veggie Gravy!

Question 7, Favourite Books to read in Autumn/Winter?:

For some reason I'm into reading books about the Paranormal right now, I think it must be due to the late nights or something.

Question 8, Favourite Autumn/Winter Bag?:

I have a couple of brown Michael Kors bags that are perfect for this weather and seem to go with everything.

Question 9, Favourite things about blogging at this time of year?:

I love reading/Watching Autumn/Winter Shopping Hauls, Seeing different Makeup looks, finding new Amazing products to try. 

Question 10, Favourite types of movies to watch at this time of year?:

Horrors are always a Favourite of mine. I always make a point of watching 'Halloween' on erm...Halloween'! and ofcourse Christmas movies in the run down to Christmas!!

Well, there you go....now it's your turn (if you fancy a go)

Thanks as always for checking out my post/blog & I'll see you in the next post x