A little Skin Indulgence

Hey Everyone,

If you follow me on any of my Social Media platforms you'll know that my Birthday is coming up next month and I'll be hitting the number 33. I'm always asked how I manage to look younger than my years (not that being in your 30's is old but my attitude towards skincare has changed as I've gotten older). 

My answer would be my Lifestyle and being picky about the skincare products I use. I've been a vegetarian for the past 8 years and I think this also helps as my diet has a lot of protein in which is another reason for my long nails and hair. 

My skin is sensitive and can have it's Oily and Dry moments so I have to be careful what I apply to my skin. I jumped at the chance to collaborate with Lovegrove Essentials when they contacted me. Being the fan of Pampering products, skincare and spas their luxurious, natural and Indulgent skincare products were right up my street.

The professional beauty brains behind Lovegrove are Hannah (Health and Beauty Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Therapist at the Luxurious Saddle Street Farm in Dorset where she holds Yoga classes and Spa weekends) and Hayley (A sought after Makeup and Hairstylist who's worked on Everything from Music Video's to the world famous Harrods Department Store. As well as a freelance Make up Artist she is creative Director and co-creator of Lovegrove Essentials).

Hannah and Hayley have combined their vast knowledge and Expertise to create luxurious skincare products that are natural and treat your skin to some much needed TLC as well as creating a healthy glow. 

I have enjoyed using the fantastic products that I have been sent to review and continue to use them as I've been really impressed with the results, not to mention I love the scent of the products which included:

- Cleansing Balm
- Toning Mist
- Healing Touch Serum
- Moisture Cream

The products arrived in a secure package and inside was a pretty lavender drawstring pouch which included the products. I really appreciated the attention to detail. I especially like the elegant tubs that contain the Moisture Cream and Cleansing Balm. I'm going to keep these when the products are finished as I like them so much.

As I mentioned before, I adore the scent of the Moisture Cream and Cleansing Balm, both are suitable for all skin types. The Moisture Cream is quite addictive with it's beautiful scent and silky, luxurious feeling on the skin. A little goes a long way too. This is one of the best cleansers that I have ever used (and you know what I'm like when it comes to buying skincare products). The moisture cream has solved my dry skin issues which I was having on my forehead and at the sides of my nose, This cream is perfect to use under makeup for a light base and also on it's own when you fancy a Makeup free day. I also love that there is no sticky residue after using the Moisture Cream, the cream melts into the skin and doesn't leave it feeling or looking oily.

The Healing Touch serum which is also great for facial massage is a lovely treat to your skin. I've been treating my skin to this delight during my pamper sessions and it really relaxes my skin and feels like I've been to a spa.

The Toning Mist is also delightful, it has a lovely light scent which instantly soothes the skin and perfect for hydrating tired eyes. The mist is unisex and alcohol free. The mist comes in a handbag sized bottle with atomiser pump so you can carry it in your bag, keep it in your desk at work etc. 

I really feel that these products have given my skin a much needed boost and I've had no pimples or dry/oily patches since using them. My skin feels soft to the touch with a healthier glow. These products enable you to go makeup free and still have a healthy look to the skin as they target problem areas. 

You can find out more about 'Lovegrove Essentials', their products and Yoga/Spa Classes/Weekends on:

Thanks as always for checking out my latest post! Happy Skin Pampering x

*Samples were provided for this review, all thoughts and opinions are mine and 100% Genuine*