The Ultimate Childhood Tag!

Hey Everyone!

I thought it would be fun to do a Tag post as I haven't done one in quite a while. This time I've decided to try doing a 'Childhood' tag. I have created my own questions below so if you want to have a go at this you are more than welcomed to!

Q1, When and where were you born?

I was born in Scotland in 1983 so I'm a proud 80's baby!! I was quite lucky because I had some of my childhood in the 80's and some in the 90's. 

Q2, Do you remember the first house you lived in?

Yeah, I do. It was right next to a big hill and the next door neighbours little boy had a tent in the back garden. I remember him having a bucket with stones in lol!

Q3, Can you recall a memory from your Childhood off the top of your head?

Being pushed around in my stroller by my brother and sister, they used to push me really fast and I thought it was really funny. 

Q4, Who was No1 in the music charts when you were born?

 I thought it was 'Culture Club' but it was, apparently 'Billy Joel' with 'Uptown Girl' 

Q5, What was your Fave food as a child?

I'm a Veggie now but to my shame it used to be 'McDonalds Chicken Mc'Nuggets' 

Q6, What was your least Fave Food as a child?

Sprouts, Mince and Potatoes. Mince and Potatoes is a popular Scottish dish and we had it nearly every night. 

Q7, What were your Fave Childhood Sweets?

Poppets! I'm sure someone said you can still get these!

Q8, What were your least Fave Childhood Sweets?

Anything Liquorice 

Q9, Your regular Childhood breakfast was?

Every morning it was Frosties without fail, I was obsessed with them!

Q10, Fave Childhood Holiday?


Q11, Fave childhood toy?

I had a little chocolate machine thing (it's hard to describe) but it had little mini cadburys chocolate bars in it and you had to put a penny in each time to get one of the chocolates out. My grandmother had given it to me so I don't know where she got it from.

Q12, Fave Childhood Teddy Bear?

A little Brown Forever Friends bear called 'Brownie' which I still have.

Q13, Fave Childhood Cartoon?

I have so many but the one that sticks out in my mind is 'Raggydolls'

Q14, Fave Childhood game?

I used to love playing 'Houses' at Nursery school and playing the mother, doing the dishes and stuff. It's funny to think of it now.

Q15, What do you remember from playschool?

I loved it! Dipping my feet in paint and walking all over the papered floor, making things with playdoh, milk and biscuits and storytime.

Q16, Do you remember your first day at school?

Yeah, I remember playing on this big blue chute with other children and being dressed up in my school uniform feeling odd cause I had a purple blazer on.

Q17, What did you want to be when you grew up?

A Barmaid - like the Barmaids in Eastenders 

Q18, What music did you listen to as a child?

A lot of 80's stuff even into the early 90's 

Q19, Fave Childhood TV show?

Top of the pops - back when people dressed up and danced all around the stage with the neon lights.

Q20, Fave Childhood Morning Show

Going live!

Q21, Fave childhood Outfit?

I had this pink and white all in one outfit with stars all over it which would be considered a 'Onesie' by todays standards...I started a future fashion trend back then and didn't know it haha!

Q13, What was your Fave outfit to dress up in for Halloween?

I would have loved to have been a princess but we didn't have much money so my mum would always dress me up as a Witch (with binbags) or a Gypsy Woman. With 'Gypsy Woman' my mum would dress me up in one of her blouses, long skirts and make me wear a headscarf and lots of beads and bangles and makeup. I dread to think what I looked like and no idea what my mum was thinking lol.

Q14, Who was your Fave Teacher at school?

Mrs Fleming, I think she retired last year from my old primary school (which has now just closed as a new improved school has been built) she told us all about New York and we drew pictures of the Empire State Building and The Twin Towers. She would talk about The WTC, even as kids we knew how special they were.

Q15, Who was your least Fave Teacher at school?

Mrs Wilson - Total monster of a woman who didn't mind lifting her hands to children. Not a nice person at all.

Q16, What do you miss most about your childhood?

A lot of things. the way a lot of things used to be. So much has changed, some for good and some for the absolute worse!

Q17, What was the name of your first pet?

Hammie The Hamster

Q18, What did you do for entertainment as a child?

Played outside for hours at an end. I lived across the road from a Swing Park so I'd spend hours with my friends there.

Q19, Fave childhood drink?

Irn Bru!

Q20, If you could bring anything back from your childhood what would it be? 

My Grandmother, Repeats of classic kids cartoons, Secret Chocolate Bars. I'm sure there's lots more but I can't think off the top of my head right now.

So there you go, do you fancy having a go at this, if you do, send me your link it would be great to read your answers. It's fun to have a little trip down memory lane.

Some of the TV Shows that I loved/Grew up watching and my old primary school which has now closed and ready to be demolished - I used to think it was haunted lol 

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