Instagram Unfollowers!

Top of the Morning to to ya!

Yay! It's Friday, hope you're ready to kick back and relax ready for the weekend. 

Every morning one of the first things I do whilst having my breakfast is check my Social Media. So this morning I was a bit confused to find that I was following quite a number of people on Instagram but only a little number were following me back.....why is that strange do you ask?, well, you may know that I have set up two new Instagram Accounts: CaledonianKitty The_Bloggers_Post  and that I stated that I would follow every blogger back which I have been doing.

So it's quite funny how some bloggers like to wait till you follow them back (they are quite crafty, maybe wait a few days when they think you won't notice) and then unfollow you on Instagram. 

and it's not just some bloggers who do this, some brands have been up to this trick too. Follow tons of people, wait a few days or weeks and then unfollow. It's a 'Vain Instagram' thing where they think if they have a big following on there it makes their blog/brand more popular. I don't understand why there is this big issue about following other people back on Instagram. Nothing bad is going to happen to you if you have manners and follow other people back, it looks friendly and you are connecting with the blogger/brand. 

I found it a bit of a cheek the other day when some bloggers were 'liking' my pictures on Instagram so I (still kinda new to the whole Insta game) thought, oh that's nice of them, I'll follow them and they know I retweet their links everyday so it'll be great to connect with them on here. They didn't bother following me which I thought was rude because of bits and pieces I had done for them on Twitter. The other thing is that these people had quite a number of people following them but only followed a small number of people.....what's all that about?

Anyway, this was why I had to be dragged kicking and screaming to go on Instagram because I'm not really a fan of the whole culture of it. Working with brands and bloggers I have to be on there as whether I like it or not, it is one of the leading Social Media Platforms.

So, I have a solution to this problem (you probably already know about this but for those that don't know), I came across this app on Twitter a while ago Crowdfire This app is great for checking who's unfollowed you on Twitter and Instagram. With the Instagram option you can see who has unfollowed you on Instagram or not following you on Instagram. To create any actions you have to pay a fee (which I don't, I just make a note of the list). You can see the list of unfollowers/non followers, make a note of it and then go onto your Instagram and return the favour of unfollowing them back haha!!!

I've been a right Diva this morning and blocked the bloggers who unfollowed me on Instagram from my TheBloggersPost Twitter Account. I don't see why I should continue to spam my Timeline promoting their links to 16,000+ Fellow Bloggers/PR Companies/Brands/General Public every day when they can't be bothered to not only say Thanks but show a bit of politeness. 

I don't want to be hearing any silly excuses for not following other bloggers back such as...I didn't like their feed, I don't like that filter etc etc as some of them do for not following people's blogs back. They are quite happy for you to follow them lol! Truth is, you could be a 'clothes pegs' blogger lol and I would still follow you back on Instagram. 

I've already moaned about The Blogging 'Community' In This Post! and this is just another thing on the list that we as bloggers have to deal with. 

So there you have it! you can return the favour of unfollowing them back on the Crowdfire App, you're not a number on a following list, you are a person and deserve to be treated the same way you treat people. 

Anyway, rant over..I hope I've found a solution to your problem (I've seen a few tweets about this) and you can now keep track.

I'm off now to get my glam on and start my day.

As always, Thanks for reading and I'll catch you on Twitter....and the next post!

x Jo