Caketoppers Review!

Hey Guys!

If you're a blogger you've probably seen some reviews floating around about Caketoppers 

who doesn't love cake? and who doesn't love cakes that are actually personalised. 

I was Intrigued when the tiny box was handed to me by the postman, at first I thought it was going to be a sample for a skincare product until I saw the logo and realised it was Caketoppers!

So I opened the secure box to find Two cakes, One Chocolate and One Vanilla with TheBloggersPost 
logo on. It's quite a simple design, not complicated. 

As this was a proper sample box, I tried half of each cake and gave the other half to my Fiance and here's what the verdicts were:

Chocolate Cake:

We both found the Chocolate cake to be nice but very rich, a couple of bites was enough for us and we are Chocoholics. The cake was thick and Very Sweet even with just two bites it was very filling. 

Vanilla Cake:

I could only manage one bite of this, it tasted lovely but again very sugary and rich. Lots of thick icing. Vanilla cakes are usually my Fave but I found this a bit sickly. The other half struggled with it too and did better than me with three bites.

The cakes contain Glycerin, gluten, preservatives E330, 151,110,104,102,122,133 and may also contain nuts for those that are sensitive to certain things make sure you check the ingredients. 

I've done cake reviews in the past for similar brands such as: Baker Days and the Fabulous Eat Your Photo and been impressed!

As mentioned before, Caketoppers specialise in personalised cakes for fancy Occasions or Business. 

You can find out more on their Website There is also a discount code if you are interested in ordering from them: 'CAL10'

Thanks as always for checking out my post! See you on Caledonian Kitty | The Bloggers Post