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Have you met Vicky from Sirvikalot yet? well here's the chance to get to know a little bit about her and her blog. 

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so without further ado, here's Vicky's Interview, Enjoy....

Q1) Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog?

I'm Vicky, 25, from Scotland and I'm massively into body positivity and breaking the stigma on mental health issues which is the basis for my blog. I write about other things too like my cat, body positive fitness and general lifestyle. I'm a typical millennial graduate who doesn't really know where life is heading but my blog is providing me with something to focus on.

Q2) How long have you been blogging and when did you start?

I started blogging at the end of June this year so only been at it a few months. A few years ago I did have a fairly successful body positive tumblr but I took it down when I started job hunting after uni. I regret that now. 

Q3) What do you enjoy most about Blogging?

I enjoy helping people the most. Nothing brightens my day more than a message or comment from someone telling me they feel better about themselves or they no longer feel a pressure to diet or workout because of what I've written.

Q4) What do you enjoy least about blogging?

I don't always have the energy for it when my mental health is bad or I'm busy with work and I get quite stressed out about abandoning it.

Q5) Is there a brand you would love to work with?

Definitely Lush. They are such an ethical brand and their products are perfect for spreading the message of self love and self care.

Q6) Which brand have you enjoyed working with so far?

I've not had the chance to work with a brand yet. Unfortunately body positivity is really going against the grain in our society so I'm finding it quite difficult to build up followers. I really believe in what I'm writing and I know I'm at least helping a small number of people so I will keep working hard.

Q7) What advice would you give to a newbie blogger?

As a newbie I would say, make sure you enjoy it and write what you want, not what you think people want to read.

Q8) Do you have a set time or day set aside to blog or do you just write when the mood takes you?
Normally I blog on a Saturday and maybe one week night but I also just write things in Google docs on my phone while travelling or out and about.

Q9) What is your Fave Social Media Platform?

Twitter. I'm @Vickatronic on there

Q10) Which types of Blog Posts do you enjoy reading? 

Body positive posts, weight neutral food and fitness posts, reviews of restaurants/events and generic lifestyle lists and posts.

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