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In this Blogger Interview Post in the series I have Interviewed the lovely Tiff From With Love Tiff 

Tiff is a Beauty, Fashion and lifestyle Blogger. Check out her Interview and links below.


Q1) Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog?

Hiii, Im Tiffany Im 19 and currently a full time Business student. On my fourth year, how embarrassing L. I am located in the east of England in Suffolk. My blog is about the things I enjoy and it is a little bit of everything from beauty, fashion, DIY, Lifestyle and Food. You can find me here –

Q2) How long have you been blogging and when did you start?

I have officially been blogging for just over 3 years, I started May 2013 when I was 15. I mainly started up my blog when I saw my mum busy with hers. Since blogging ive seen others improve immensely and It has really opened my mind to how big everything really is and how much I love to improve my blog in my spare time.

Q3) What do you enjoy most about Blogging?

Do you know, I love everything about blogging, I see it as my escape, to write down however I’m feeling and I can write about anything I want to and Im not limited.  The best thing is reaching out to new people such as other bloggers and readers. I really would love to create a good friendship through blogging.

Q4) What do you enjoy least about blogging?

Theres only one thing that I enjoy least about blogging and thats getting the timing right, when to upload my next post, is it too early, too late wrong day etc theres so much time and effort and things you really need to think about before just jumping in and posting.

Q5) Is there a brand you would love to work with?

I would absolutely love to work with Benefit Or Urban Decay, I have never used their products before but I see people raving about them ALL the time and I love seeing what people think of them.

Q6) Which brand have you enjoyed working with so far?

I really enjoy working with Bella and Bear. They have always been really kind and understanding and they don’t push you. They are a really brilliant company and so easy to work alongside with.

Q7) What advice would you give to a newbie blogger? 

Do not give up! There has been many times where I have given up and taken a step back and decided not to carry on with my blog anymore. Just don’t give up like I did if you carry on you are more likely to succeed, think about the timings of your posts and be positive about everything!

Q8) Do you have a set time or day set aside to blog or do you just write when the mood takes you?

When I am at college I do have a set time aside so that I do a little bit of writing but I have wrote at college before I just have random moments where I think of loads to write so I have to write it down before forgetting.

Q9) What is your Fave Social Media Platform?

My Favourite social media platform is instagram, i absolutely love taking photos and ive just started to upload photos every day, i love adding hashtags and interacting with other bloggers when I can.

Q10) Which types of Blog Posts do you enjoy reading?

At the moment I absolutely love reading hauls at the moment, I write hauls instead of putting them on youtube because I feel more confident writing them but I love reading peoples personal stories too and adventures.

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