Wave Bye Bye to Spots & Hello to Clear Pores!

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If like me you suffer from sensitive/oily and spot prone skin then I highly recommend you get your mits on Newtons Labs T-Zone Skincare Range. 

My skin has been loving this range. My skin is clearer and my pores look a lot tighter, meaning my make up looks more flawless and smooth. I love using these products especially in the evening after a day of wearing make up it's nice to let my skin breath and with the 'Exfoliating Daily Wash' and The 'Clear Pore Facial Wash' my skin feels like its having a deep thorough clean and it feels so cool on your skin. Your skin is left feeling light. comfortable and fresh.

I haven't used nose strips for years but these Ones from Newtons Labs which contain Charcoal and Tea Tree are great! They are very convenient to use and Fuss/Mess free. I like using these as a little extra treat a few times a week just to get rid of any dead skin cells and blackheads on my nose. The charcoal on the strip works as a magnet to draw out all the impurities in your pores. When you remove the strip you see the dead skincells and impurities on the strip and your skin feels smooth and more able to breath. You'll notice the pores on your nose will look clearer and tighter.

The Fabulous Spot Zapping Gel is great for them moments when a spot seems to appear out of nowhere. The cooling gel gets to work straight away and gives you a cool tingling sensation on the skin as the witch hazel and tea tree get to work. You can also apply the gel directly onto spots or on top of Make Up for 24/7 protection.

The products also smell divine, there's no overpowering scent and your skin is left soft not dry and uncomfortable as sometimes can be the case when using spot treatments especially if you have sensitive, oily skin like me.

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* Samples were provided for this review, all thoughts and opinions are mine and 100% genuine*