Skin Goodies that smell good enough to eat - for under £10!

Hey Everyone!

I know you guys love a good pampering as much as I do and I know you like your pampering products to be of great quality and smell divine!

Well, pay close attention... the Natures Soap pampering delights below could give Lush a run for their money (and I'm not the first to say that either). 

Natural, Handmade, Luxurious and smell so good you will be tempted to bite them (but don't lol). The Whipped Rose and Orange Body Butter looks like Ice Cream and the scent of Rose is divine. And don't get me started on the Calendula Sunshine Bath Truffle, Absolutely Gorgeous. The scent is like a fresh lemon cheesecake...I didn't want to put it in my bath because I adored the scent so much, so uplifting too! There's just too much to be said about these beauts so without further ado I shall crack on...

Pampering Heaven!! All Natures Soap products are handmade, 100% natural and contain 
 essential oils. They are also kind to our furry friends. These gems are perfect for people of all skin types, especially sensitive skins and skin conditions such as Eczema amongst others. The prices are fantastic too. They also do lovely Personalised gift sets too.

I loved the soothed feeling of my skin after using this scrub. I've used quite a lot of scrubs and sometimes they can irritate the skin but this was great, no issues at all just lovely smooth, fresh skin. (£5.00)

The divine Calendula Sunshine Bath Truffle that I was raving about earlier. When I finally put this gem in the bath my skin was able to indulge in all the shea butter, Lemongrass and natural butter goodness. I've tried bath bombs before and with having sensitive skin they have often left me feeling uncomfortable afterwards with dry skin. This bath truffle was brilliant and felt like I had moisturiser on when I stepped out of the bath. (£3.50)

The Gorgeous Whipped Rose and Orange Body Butter that I was saying earlier reminded me of Ice cream by it's appearance. beautiful scent of Rose with a hint of Orange that is not overpowering. The butter glides easily onto the skin and melts into it. There's no sticky residue. The Body Butter contains skin goodies such as: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Mango Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Orange Essential Oil, Palmarosa Essential Oil. So you can see the list is endless with the amount of skin nutrients that can be found in Natures Soap  products. (£7.50, 100ml)

These Handmade Soap bars are such a treat too! Little bars of Luxury and Goodness. The bars themselves are very thick. The Bar above is the 'Rosemary and Peppermint Goats Milk Soap with added seaweed'. This is very invigorating and really revives and wakens up the skin and body. I love using this in the shower in the morning. (£4.50)

Another bar of natural goodness is the 'Pink Grapefruit Goats Milk Soap with French Pink Clay'. This soap is perfect for my oily and sensitive skin as are all the products that I have used from The 'Natures Soap' range. 

No stone is left unturned when it comes to soothing and nurturing the skin with Natures Soap , They also have natural handmade lip balms. The Two Gorgeously Scented lip balms I reviewed were the 'Orange and Cinnamon' lip balm and the 'Peppermint' Lip Balm and both were divine! Both Lip Balms contain skin goodies such as Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Avocado Oil amongst others. (£2.50)

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*Samples were provided for this review, all thoughts and opinions are mine and 100% Genuine*