Since when did we start letting other people tell us how we should look?

So I read today that the beautiful Ferne Mcann has become yet another celebrity who has caved into Trolls and resorted to Plastic Surgery by having a rhinoplasty. It's her personal choice and if she's happy within herself and did it for her own personal reasons then that's her decision.

I had written a Post in July on the Topic of plastic surgery to meet others approval and how I found Ferne Mcann inspiring because I felt she was standing up for natural beauty in an industry that insists every inch of a person should be flawless.

I feel a bit disheartened that some people feel the need to potentially put their lives at risk by going under the knife because a jealous Troll has commented about their looks on Social Media. I feel that bowing to pressure and changing your appearance for 'Acceptance' is a bitter pill for me to swallow.

The celebrities who've resorted to plastic surgery due to Trolls have spoken previously about being happy within themselves and proud to be natural and unique. Then the next minute giving into other people's (Trolls) decisions about how they think they should look.

It's getting to the point where young women and men are looking to these people in the media and putting pressure on themselves and it's not just young people, people of all ages.

I read a ridiculous article the other day which said that all your facial features should be symmetrical in order to be beautiful. So my face isn't symmetrical and my nose is big so I better run out and get a nose job etc because this article and Trolls tell me I need it in order to be beautiful. (Yeah, Whatever)

Whatever happened to being proud to be a Natural Beauty? To embrace our natural looks and originality. Since when did we start letting other people tell us how we should look and live our lives?

We live in a world where some people won't put a picture up on Social Media without spending a silly amount of time photoshopping/Airbrushing it in case they don't get 'likes' or a Troll says something about their appearance. Trolls will comment on ANYTHING even the colour of the dress or shirt you're wearing.

So where does it end? Once you've let the Trolls etc dictate how you should look?. I've seen Celebrities who've given in and gone under the knife only for the Trolls to move onto another silly reason to bully them online.

I watched a Docu on Channel 5 Recently called 'Mascara Boys' and it was about men, plastic surgery and grooming. An Attractive Guy who'd been a Male Model and quite happy with his appearance for years (he was very popular on social media with a huge following) all of a sudden felt that he had to think about having a rhinoplasty due to Trolls on Instagram. The Docu followed his journey weighing up the pros and cons of Plastic Surgery and whether he himself really wanted to have it done or was it just for the Trolls.

In the end he decided not to have it done because he himself was happy with his appearance and I felt really proud of him to be honest.

I'm a proud owner of a big nose, huge forehead, crappy skin, flat hair, thin lips and okay sized boobs  lol! I'm not apologising if I don't meet a Trolls approval or society's 'Beauty Standards'!

It's high time somebody in the public eye rejected plastic surgery and bowing to others approval and said "This is me, P**s Off if you don't like it"

I find what Dove is doing with the #MyBeautyMySay campaign a positive step. Too much pressure is placed on women and men to 'Fit in' with this ridiculous Ideal.

As for me... I'm happy to keep rocking my Unique, Natural features and standing out from the crowd. I'm happy in myself and hope that I inspire others to do the same. So block the Trolls, look in the mirror and celebrate yourself and Uniqueness!

"There are NO Rules in Beauty, What is 'Imperfection' to you, may be Beautiful to someone else" ~ Caledonian Kitty