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I often get asked how I manage to look younger than my age (32, 33 in November) and I think it has a lot to do with being a Vegetarian, Plenty of Sleep and using the right products for my skin. Being in your 30's isn't old but we all know that the odd wrinkle or grey hair can creep up on us so it's always good to keep these things in check. I recommend taking your skincare regime seriously from your teens, your skin will thank you for it in the long run. 

With the odd grey hair it's easy to solve, A trip to the salon or a home colouring kit will sort that out but when it comes to skin care it's not that easy. There are a lot of products on the market at the moment targeting Anti-Ageing and promising everything from 'Non-Surgical Facelifts' to 'Banish Wrinkles Completely' but do they work?, some have positive results and some not so much. Luckily there is a brand that delivers on it's promises and that brand is.... Transformulas

I may look younger than my 33 years but I still have the odd area that needs a little bit of a touch up when it comes to my complexion. My problem area is frown marks. Frown marks happen at any age but I notice them a bit more now than before so I was delighted when I saw the results after using Transformulas Hydration Gold it completely blurred them out.

Transformulas Hydration Gold is not just an Anti-Aging creme. I think it's perfect for women and men of all ages. This luxurious gem is a 23 carat gold infused creme which comes in this beautiful gold tube that twists up and you pump out the Gorgeous, silky gold creme onto your finger, it's so luxurious and a little goes a long way. 

This beautiful creme contains a blend of Vitamins, Hyaluronan, Aqua (Highly Purified water), Zea Mays Oil and minerals to nourish your skin, fill lines and gives you a beautiful, radiant glow.

This product looks Amazing with a tan and can be used with your Foundation to give a dewy glow to your skin. You can also use the Creme to highlight and enhance your eyebrows, cheekbones, lips and shoulders.

As I mentioned before I loved how smooth and flawless my skin looked after using this product and I applied it to my face and Neck/decolletage after Cleansing in the morning and at night. I loved the healthy, radiant glow. The creme is so silky and sinks into the skin with no sticky feeling or mess. 

Transformulas recommend that you use the Hydration Gold daily over a 30 day period and continue to use daily for ongoing results. 

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