Does The Blogging "Community" Really Exist?

Last week I was on the verge of deleting my Blog, Twitter Accounts etc and being totally done with the whole blogging scene. A bit over dramatic you may think but the amount of Drama concerning the blogging "Community" on Twitter last week and over last weekend was an absolute joke!

You may want to grab a cup of tea before I start moaning at you but you will have no doubt seen it all for yourself. Anyway... 

Before I start ranting about anything else I had to put up with some Drama on a personal level from a fellow Blogger last week (who shall remain nameless) who I had supported, didn't really know her that well as she had just started blogging late last year so like I do, I shared her blog posts on TheBloggersPost as well as on my CaledonianKitty page, Interviewed her for my blog (unbeknownst to me that she had pinched my idea for a previous blog post that I had done on TheBloggersPostBlog ages ago and practically copied the whole thing just changing a few of the questions. She won a Giveaway I was running as I had picked her name out at random and in the big parcel I had sent her I included some extra bits as a surprise and just to be friendly....she didn't have the decency or manners to tell me she received the parcel and said absolutely nothing. I had to tweet her a few times to get a response, she basically wasn't arsed. I just got bad vibes from this person. The reason I let this situation go on for as long as I did is because I felt a bit sorry for her, she's young with 3 kids and describes herself as a stay at home mum so I didn't want to add to any drama. Anyway, I just blocked her. I don't like having to block fellow bloggers but sometimes it needs to be done and in this situation I felt justified.

So onto the bigger picture, Last week a blogger had written a post about her experience of meeting bloggers and youtubers in real life at one of these 'blogger meet-up' things (which I avoid like the plague). She wrote the post in a honest 'no-holds barred' way. There was no 'sugar coating' anything when she went onto describe how some of them were ignorant, full of themselves and not what they presented themselves to be online. 

Instead of an overwhelming outpouring of support (which some fellow bloggers did express to her), there was a constant barrage of negative bitchy tweets from fellow bloggers (which is kind of ironic when you think about it). 

Another blogger posted an Article explaining that bloggers don't have to support other bloggers. 

There was also Drama with a well known Blogger 'Community' page who made a comment to a blogger which completely blew up into this massive argument between bloggers who weren't even involved. 

Bloggers were fighting over who did and didn't get nominated for a Blogger Award, calling the Awards a fix and the creator all sorts of nasty names. 

Somebody mentioned that it was 'Like being back at School' and I have to agree there. What is going on? 

I think it's time to get real. I take my hat off to some of the bloggers who've created 'positivity' pages and the bloggers who do believe in everyone getting along and supporting each other. It's nice to think this way and it would be lovely if it could be like this but let's be honest, on the whole it just isn't. 

We have some bloggers pinching others work, bloggers not following fellow bloggers back on Instagram/social media but expecting everyone to follow them cause they are so high and mighty lol, Bloggers who are ready to pounce on the least little thing and resort to name calling. Bloggers who become high and mighty once their follow list goes up and blank smaller bloggers. Bloggers who expect you to do everything for them with nothing in return not even a Thank You, Two faced bloggers who meet people and then say negative things behind their backs. Bloggers who compete with other bloggers, The Cliques, The bullying, The Bitchiness... the list goes on...

Back in 2014 when I started TheBloggersPost it was my way of contributing to the 'Blogging Community' and doing something positive. I didn't know it was going to be popular. I worked really hard at it because I knew how much hard work and effort it took for bloggers and it's nice to have your work appreciated by others. It's kind of bittersweet for me now. I mentioned in a previous Post how I hadn't done any RT's for a particular day as I was at a funeral and the negative response I had when I returned to Twitter. 

A blogger who follows me on CaledonianKitty not just TheBloggersPost sent me a really nice tweet the other day saying Thank You for all the support I had given her and her blog over the past couple of years and it meant a lot to me. It's very rare that I get a 'Thank You' even when I've put Bloggers in Touch with other brands there's no appreciation. I'm not expecting much just a simple 'Thank You' would be nice!

For the Time being I have disabled my Instagram & TheBloggersPostInsta, basically because it was getting matter how much I promoted TheBloggersPostInsta hardly any bloggers would follow it or they waited till I followed them and then unfollowed. Again, I see a lot of bloggers who seem to want everyone to follow them on Instagram but only follow a small number. 

It's all a bit Too Much 'Dog Eat Dog' for my liking. 

I've been invited to many things but I won't go because I've seen the aftermath on Twitter and I'm not interested in being a 'popular' blogger. To be the next Zoella or whatever isn't my goal in life. I see it as a part time hobby/ a little side Job, there's lots of goals and dreams I've yet to fulfil. I don't know where blogging will take me next I'm just going along with it for the time being. 

I don't know where all this leaves the 'Blogging Community'. I think it has a lot to do with brands choosing to work with certain bloggers and some people working hard on their blogs and not seeing anything from it, who knows? I just see a lot of people dragging each other down and it's sad. 

I'm not interested in Blogger Awards or Meet Ups. I would be happy to meet some of the Bloggers who have taken the time to get to know me a little bit away from TheBloggersPost. I suppose it's to be expected, if you go to one of these 'Meet ups' of 100 people, half are going to like you and the other half may not, it's a gamble.

So there you go, my rant about all of this. If you've managed to make it to this point I salute you!! 

What are your thoughts on all of this? Have you written a post about it? send me the link, I would love to hear your views. 

As Always, Thanks For Reading x