Designer Fragrances through your letterbox for only £15

Hi Guys and Dolls!

Have you had the chance to check out Secret Scent Box yet? well, if you Love designer and branded Fragrances and Colognes then you'll absolutely love this! 

When you set up a subscription with Secret Scent Box for the absolute bargain price of £15, you will receive 3 different (30 day supply) designer/branded fragrances each month. You could receive  fragrances from Marc Jacobs to Gucci in your monthly box. It's perfect if you like to switch your scents up, looking to try a new perfume or simply treat yourself. 

I was lucky enough to review this box and I love it!. The Box I received featured 'Jimmy Choo - Illicit Flower', ' Vera Wang - Princess' and one of my Favourites 'Armani - Diamonds'. I hadn't tried the other fragrances and thought they were gorgeous. 

This little gem fits nicely through your letterbox and is secure in it's packaging. The box contains little cards detailing which each scent is and what notes it contains.

Secret Scent Box do both Men and Women Scent boxes so you can treat your other half too!

If you join Secret Scent Box's Mailing list Here! you will get 25% off!! 

You can find Secret Scent Box on:

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*Sample was provided for this review, all thoughts and opinions are mine and 100% Genuine*