Bugbears About The Blogging Community!

Hey All!

If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll know I like to switch it up a little and have a mix of personal posts, blogger interviews as well as reviews. Well, for today's post I thought I would share a few things that I find a bit annoying about The Blogging Community as a whole. I wrote a post recently about Bloggers Pet Hates When It Comes To Working With Some Brands! so this is kind of the opposite side of that with me sharing my thoughts on what I find annoying about the attitudes and behaviours of some bloggers. 

First of all I just want to say (before the 'offended' Brigade jump in) that this post refers to 'Some' bloggers and not all bloggers. These are just my thoughts and opinions. So if you fancy reading further...grab a cuppa and feel free to share your comments with me in the comments section below.

1) The Bitchiness:

I've seen this from both male and female bloggers. I've seen a lot of hostility from some groups of bloggers towards a fellow blogger for various reasons ie: A blogger has more followers than them, A blogger worked with a brand that they didn't get to work with, A blogger made a comment that they didn't agree with, various reasons. I've seen well known bloggers bully lesser known bloggers and I've seen lessor know bloggers send negative tweets to well known bloggers. One thing I can't stand is for a well known blogger who has a disagreement with another blogger and 'sets' their 'Blogger Friends' onto that person. I notice cliques with certain bloggers. I talk to bloggers but I don't put myself too much into the Blogging Community because of the bitchy side to it. I just run my blog and TheBloggersPost and stay away from any potential drama. 

2) She/He has a big following - They must've bought their followers :

In some cases this may be true but in other cases, it could be for a number of reasons why that person has more followers and why is it a big deal? I had an older blogger who blasted me on Twitter last week (someone who wasn't even following me and I had no idea who she was but out of nowhere the tirade of negative tweets came at me) because I was collaborating with a brand and doing a Giveaway. She said "Easy way to boost your followers @CaledonianKitty''!!! I don't know if she was having a bad day or what but if she actually knew anything about me she would know that I run TheBloggersPost and retweet & promote bloggers every day. I also have brands contacting me and collaborating with me to run Giveaways to help promote their product. Before I even did Giveaways I had thousands of followers due to me having TheBloggersPost and supporting other bloggers, plus I've had these accounts for a few years, it's something I've built up over time not overnight. That's not the first time I've had that. It makes me laugh because how do you think some of the popular bloggers got big? they do regular Giveaways. There's nothing wrong with a Blogger doing Giveaways if they're working with a brand or doing a 'Thank you followers/Blog Anniversary' etc. It's up to that particular blogger. I'd understand the negativity if the case was that the blogger wasn't posting any content and just running Giveaways. If some people are so bothered about it, then don't follow that person or run your own Giveaway. There's no need to start bitching and sending nasty tweets to people. At the end of the day, everybody wants their blog to be a success, people should be supported not dragged down.

3) I didn't win an Award for my blog so I'm going to just give up:

I saw a lot of Drama over this recently over Blogger Awards. Some people were getting upset because they weren't nominated and started blasting the people that ran the Awards and others were saying that the people who were nominated 'sucked up' to the people who ran the awards - What a Palaver!
I've said this before on Twitter...You don't Need an Award to tell you that your blog is fabulous. 

4) Ungrateful Bloggers

So, when I'm on TheBloggersPost I do my best to Retweet people's links every day and I also do some RT's on my own Twitter page. What annoys me is some bloggers who take the piss....send me like, 10 blog tweets and don't even follow me and expect me to RT! I've had to block people for this cause it spams the Timeline and isn't fair to the Bloggers who do follow me. I remember a time when I didn't RT for 'One Day' cause I was at a Funeral and a Blogger sent me a tweet saying "Is there a reason My tweets have not been Retweeted today?" and then proceeded to bitch and moan about me on her Twitter to other bloggers and then they joined in 'My tweets weren't RT'd either' etc etc. Not a very nice thing to see, I had a sore finger from all the blocking that day lol!

5) Follow me on Twitter/Blog/Instagram etc

This is something I see Everyday and it's funny. Some bloggers claim to be all about supporting others and being part of a positive blogging community (Aye, Right!) but they don't follow other bloggers back! I don't get that? They basically do nothing to support their fellow bloggers but request that everyone should follow them. Oh and some follow bloggers then wait till that blogger follows and then unfollows them! 

6) Spamming your comment section with their links:

It's lovely to get comments and general comments are fine but when someone posts their links about 4 times in every post you do and it's obvious they haven't read your post it can be a bit annoying. A little comment with a link is fine but not over and over again.

7) Bloggers who don't promote their Blog:

I find this sad because there are a lot of bloggers out their with Amazing content and they wonder why their blog/followers aren't growing and that's because they don't promote. I've seen bloggers who just post their blog post on their Timeline with no Hashtags or RT Accounts included and it's a shame because their post can get overlooked. I consider myself to be a queen of self promotion haha! I'm forever promoting my blog posts/links. Don't be afraid to shout your blog from the roof top, it's your hard work and deserves to be seen.

8) What colour/design/layout should I have for my blog?

It's nice to get opinions but your blog should be your creation and what you want it to be. If you ask people how they think your blog should look you're gonna end up with a blog that looks like quite a lot of blogs and it kind of takes the originality away from it.

9) What should I write about?

Asking your followers what you should write about on your blog is (in my opinion) a bit odd, your blog is your corner of the world to write about whatever you want and it doesn't sound very self motivated if you ask people what you should write. Doing a Vote over what products to review first is fine but tweeting things like 'I don't know what to write about, somebody tell me' isn't too fabulous in my book.

10 Copying other bloggers posts/ideas:

This happened to me recently. I'd done a few posts on TheBloggersPost Blog earlier in the year and noticed that a Blogger had basically took the layout, the title and the questions and changed a few bits here and there recently. I thought I was actually looking at my own post for a second. I couldn't be bothered arguing about it or starting a Drama. I know it's wrong and these people should be named and shamed but this particular blogger had a few personal issues and I didn't want to add to her list of problems. You can be inspired by a post but make sure you credit that person and don't copy it! If you have to resort to pinching other people's content then maybe you need to sit down and have a good think about your blog and come up with your own ideas. I find this usually comes from lazy people who don't want to sit down and actually plan a post and they've seen a post that might have been popular for someone else and thought...'I'll just pinch that'.

So there you go...a few of my thoughts and opinions on some of the things that go on in The Blogging Community. I've shared some of the negatives but there are quite a lot of positives about The Blogging Community too!

As always Thanks for reading x