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I'm so excited to include Jacqui from A Wright Disaster in this post as part of my Blogger Interview Series. Jacqui is not only Glamourous and the nicest of people (you should give her a follow on Twitter) she's achieved so much from her talent as a writer as well as TV Appearances, Writing for popular Magazines/Newspapers and she's also been a Playboy Bunny! - She needs to write her own book!

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Q1) Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog?

 I'm an older fabulous woman who has had to start a new life in a new place after my dream of moving abroad fell down at literally the last minute. This means I now live in Manchester with my lovely gay housemate. Part of starting again meant getting onto dating sites and this is how my blog started.

Q2) How long have you been blogging and when did you start?

I've been blogging for about 4 years now, but as I'm a bit picky (ok maybe very picky)  my dating blog has evolved into also writing about things that I've done in my life.

Q3) What do you enjoy most about Blogging?

I've found that not many women my age write about dating and because of this I've been lucky enough to write for Metro, Huffington Post, appear on First Dates, a double page feature in Woman magazine earlier this year and a couple of radio interviews.So blogging for me has become a great hobby.

Q4) What do you enjoy least about blogging?

Some weeks I've got loads of ideas, other weeks I've no inspiration at all.

Q5) Is there a brand you would love to work with?

I've never worked with a brand and to be honest I'm not that bothered.

Q6) Which brand have you enjoyed working with so far?

If there was a brand I could choose to work with it would be Scarlett&Jo. I love their dresses.

Q7) What advice would you give to a newbie blogger?

I would say to anyone starting out blogging, be yourself. 

Q8) Do you have a set time or day set aside to blog or do you just write when the mood takes you?

I usually only post once a week as work commitments take up a hell of a lot of time. I try and do it on Sunday evening if I can.

Q9) What is your Fave Social Media Platform?

I absolutely love twitter. I love the randomness of it and I've got a lot of work from being on twitter but I'm trying to get into Instagram.

Q10) Which types of Blog Posts do you enjoy reading? 

I like to read some of the dating blogs of the younger girls because I can totally relate, but I think it's so much harder now to find someone and that is due to the rise in dating apps.

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