The Amazing £9.99 Hair Removal Kit that'll leave you hair free from Top to Toe!

Hi Guys and Gals!

So I now have an Ultimate Fave when it comes to Waxing products - The Sugar StripEase Hair Removal Kit.  I'm over the moon with this product for many reasons. The first thing I want to say is that it's suitable for use for all over your body from upper lip to to legs and perfect for all skin types so it's time to wave Goodbye to spending a fortune on Hair Removal/Waxing kits and strips for individual parts of the body and Hello to a 'Jack or Jill of all trades' product that does it all.

This isn't just another boring Hair Removal product as you could tell from what I've just said above, The product itself could easily be mistaken for syrup because it looks and smells so yummy and is naturally made from a blend of sugar syrups (No wonder it smells so sweet) . I have so much to say about this product I don't know where to start but let's begin with the cute packaging...

The Sugar StripEase Kit comes in a cute box and includes a 250g  tub of  yummy natural hair remover, 3 wooden spatulas, 15 reusable/washable Hair Removal strips. 

Before I do any more singing and dancing about this product you'll be impressed (as I was) to know that Sugar StripEase has been Certified as Cruelty Free and Vegan friendly by Cruelty Free International, PETA and the Vegan society and is 100 % Natural. 

It's not just Summer that us Girls and Guys like to be Hair Free in certain areas, we want to be smooth and hair free at all times without the hefty price tag and the drama of buying separate Hair Removal/Waxing kits (that don't mention anything along the lines of Natural or Cruelty Free)

Sugar StripEase differs from the others not just because of being 100 % Natural and Cruelty Free but because the lovely folks over at Sugar StripEase have come up with a product that takes the discomfort and dread out of Unwanted Hair Removal. You enjoy the delicious scent of the product, the experience of easy, mess/fuss free application and the beauty salon worthy results. 

What I also love is that any residue left over can be washed with water. I have used previous Hair Removal Products, in partcular waxes where water was a no no and I had to apply tons of pertroleum jelly to my upper lip to get the residue off and even after that, my upper lip would be sticky. 

I have sensitive skin and this worked like a dream, there was no issues, no redness...even when used on my upper lip. With other products I always have a drama with the upper lip and the result of looking like I have been punched in the mouth or sunburnt. There was no red marks for me when using this product.

So what more could you ask for. After this product, when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair, I'm never looking back. This is the product for me. It's the Hair Removal system that's got it all and here's another good's easy on the purse/wallet too. This is only £9.99 (I'm serious), you can imagine how much money, time and drama you will be saved by purchasing this gem. The tub is full to the brim of the luscious 100% natural hair remover and the strips are reusable so this product will last you quite a while. 

They do other products too such as Sugar StripEase Soothing Mist and Sugar StripEase Pure Fine Talc 

Going by the quality and divine scent of the Hair Remover you can imagine that these products will be just as Amazing. 

You can purchase the Sugar StripEase Kit which is the gem that I have just been talking about for the bargain price of £9.99 or you can buy The Sugar StripEase Family Pack which includes all their Gorgeous products for another bargain price of £20. 

I had so much fun doing this review and happy that this Amazing product has come into my life and solved my Unwanted Hair dilemma. 

You can find Sugar StripEase on: 

Here's to more Hair Free Days!!!!! 

As Always Thank you for checking out my latest post x

*Samples were used in this review, all thoughts and opinions of this product are my own and 100% Genuine*