Say 'No More' to flaky bases...

Hi Guys & Gals,

As a proud Vegetarian and Animal lover, I'm so happy to see the surge in Natural, Cruelty Free products that seem to be popping up everywhere from Cosmetics to Skincare Products. I think it's Great and a real positive step as well as some of the brands who are celebrating men and women of all sizes and looks. 

I remember years ago when there was only a handful of brands that were Cruelty Free so it's refreshing to see this positive change. 

So, Speaking of Natural and Cruelty Free, I've had the pleasure of trying out a new Moisturising Face Cream which is 100% Vegan and contains skin goodies such as Vitamin E, Organic Sweet Almond Oil and Safflower.

In the morning I've noticed my face has been a little dry after I've washed it. so to avoid my foundation and powder looking flakey, I've applied some of The Sheila's Moisturising Face Cream (For Normal Skin) before I've put on my foundation and it enables me to have a smooth base, flake free, giving me that flawless finish. The cream is very nourishing and the skin almost drinks it in and your left with smooth, comfortable and glowing skin.

I use it under my foundation but it could also be used on it's own because it gives you that healthy glow and your skin is getting the nutrients it needs from it. 

Sheila's Moisturising Face Cream is suitable for Normal skin but I found it very effective on my skin which is sensitive.  I found it also helped a lot with the dry areas of my skin and worked on those areas straight away.

I've noticed on social media that people are already talking about Christmas and planning on what products to buy loved ones, this Moisturising Face Cream would make a great gift to someone or a treat for yourself.

You can find out more about Sheila's beautiful products as well as more information here on:

Here's to more flawless bases and natural, cruelty free products!

As always, Thanks for checking out my post..

* Sample was provided to me for this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own and are 100% Genuine*