Pamper Yourself From Head To Toe (My Favourite Champneys products)

Hi Guys!

You may have noticed I did a recent huge Boots haul and picked up a few of my Favourite products from Champneys 

Having a hectic lifestyle it's important for me to make the most of my pampering sessions and relax as much as possible so I need luxurious products that are going to make me feel good, relaxed and like I've just visited a spa. 

Champneys is a brand that I always come back to and it never disappoints, you really do have that spa feeling in your own home after using their products. I love having a Champneys bubblebath and using their body scrubs and Lotions and feeling absolutely fabulous afterwards. 

So I thought I would run through the latest Champney products I picked up and some of my essential Champneys Faves that I always buy. 

So here goes...

Some of the latest Champneys products that I picked up from Boots (I also got a spare 'Summer Dream Butter Souffle' in the Boots 3 for 2 offer and some 'Heavenly Days Sleep Pillow Mist') 

I love this Mineral Detox Shower Gel, it's refreshing and is great for a quick shower in the morning, after Gym or if you need a little pick-me-up!

My Favourite Scented candle from Champneys! I love this scent so much and it leaves your room smelling nice even when it's not burning. I also like that it's long lasting. This is perfect to brighten up your home and create a relaxing vibe, it's also great as a gift for a candle lover or Champneys fan.

The scent of this body scrub is Amazing, it reminds me of being on the beach and the scrub itself is thick so a little goes a long way. Your skin feels soft, silky, clean and relaxed after using it. I also love the pot that the product comes in. I love all the Champneys packaging as it's luxurious and looks great on your bathroom shelves.

Another of the Champneys body scrubs I've been loving is the 'Summer Dream Rewarding Salt Scrub'. I adore the pretty pink tub and the salt scrub smells gorgeous, very summery with gorgeous scents of Peach, Orange, Mango & Passion Fruit amongst others. 

Like the Body Scrub, this Luxurious Butter Souffle has that same Gorgeous addictive scent of  Peach, Mango, Orange & Passion Fruit. I love using the Summer Dream body scrub and then getting out of the tub later and smothering myself in this divine Butter Souffle.

The Summer Dream Rewarding Butter Souffle has a silky, thick texture and melts into the skin leaving it smooth, soft and smelling divine. 

I love this Body Lotion. I discovered it last year at Christmas in a Champneys Christmas Cracker. I had a little minature tube of it and I used it all up in a couple of days. Delicious scent, very fresh and I love switching it up between the Summer Dream products. Sometimes I use this lotion instead of the Summer Dream Butter Souffle.

My new favourite hand cream. My hands can get very dry and this is perfect. Not only has it a divine scent but your hands feel soothed, it also protects your nails and contains SPF15. 

I picked this up in my recent Boots haul because I always wanted to try a Pillow Mist to help me relax at night before sleep as I'm an insomniac. The scent of this spray is absolutely gorgeous and it fills the room and leaves your bed linen with a soft scent of  Lavender, Geranium and Chamomile. I have been having great nights sleep since using this spray and you only need two or three sprays of it, The scent is also long lasting.

You can find the products above and more at Boots instore or Online

You can find out more about Champneys on their Website & Twitter 

Are you a fan of Champneys ? What are your Favourite products?

As always, thank you for reading!

Much Love x