Drink Tea, Drop Pounds!

Greetings Everyone!!

Going by the title of this post you were probably expecting to see a post about one of the Skinny Teas that are all the rage. I've tried a few of them in the past when I've wanted to shift a few pounds or fancied a detox. As with a lot of things, some worked, some didn't and some left me crawling to the bathroom.....but enough of that, let's make this a positive post!

I've lost 5 pounds over the past 2 weeks and I've been a naughty person and missed the gym with being snowed under with work etc. So how has this happened? especially as my diet hasn't changed and I've still enjoyed my Sunday Dinners and cheeky Friday night Takeaway. 

When I say my diet hasn't change, I mean the food side but the drinking side has changed. I have cut out drinking Caffeinated Tea and Coffee and swapped them for Mint Tea.

I would drink 'Twinnings' Invigorating Peppermint Tea throughout the day and on the evenings have the 'Twinnings' Energising Peppermint and Nettle Tea.  I noticed with these Teas that I was feeling more healthier, less bloated after eating and my skin and energy improved. I noticed that I'd lost a couple of pounds after a few days.

Whilst shopping I picked up 'Pukka's 'Mint Matcha Green Tea because I fancied trying a Mint Tea that had a little bit of a boost to it to keep my Metabolism up. I still love the Twinnings Mint Tea range but this Tea has taken the cake for me. I'm addicted to it and can't believe the difference in my skin, energy and my stomach is flatter. (The Pukka Teabags come in cute little individual packets inside the boxes so they're also great to keep in your bag when you're on the go)

I wasn't looking to lose weight, I was wanting to cut Caffeine out of my diet and have more healthier drinks so all these benefits that have come about are a happy shock. (The Pukka Mint Matcha Green Tea does contain a little amount of Caffeine. a lot less than black tea and coffee, but you still get the full range of antioxidants. The Twinnings Teas before mentioned are Caffeine Free.) 

Everybody knows the benefits of Green Tea so I won't bore you with what you already know and the mint is great for people who suffer from IBS for it's aid in helping digestion. A great combination really and if like me you dislike the taste of Green Tea but fancy the benefits then this is great. You have a fresh, minty taste that's not overpowering or bitter.

So there you have it, why spend a fortune on some of the faddy teas when you can spend a couple of pounds on these teas where you know what's in it and you can drink it everyday without the worry of stomach issues.

You can find The Pukka Teas at most health stores including Holland and Barrett. I bought mine from Tesco 

You can also find Twinings practically everywhere but again I found them at Tesco

Have you tried any of the Teas mentioned? What did you think? Notice any benefits?

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Thanks as always for checking out my latest post

Enjoy your Tea : )