50 Random Facts About Me Tag!

Hi Guys,

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday. I'm currently rocking the Face Mask, Bright Pink Dressing Gown & Minnie Mouse slippers look!

Sunday's are one of my Favourite days of the week for chilling, relaxing, pampering and girly stuff. Nobody can tell you off for being lazy on a Sunday lol.

So, I've seen this Tag floating around and I thought I would have a crack at it. I was thinking of doing The British tag but didn't think that would go down too well at the moment with all the EU drama. So, grab some tea and have a read if you fancy and maybe have a go at it yourself for a bit of fun....

Let's go.....

1)  My Name's Joanne but I prefer to be called 'Jo'

2) I'm 32 (I'm a Babyface lol)

3) I'm a Scorpio (I love it!)

4) My Birthday is on 5th November (Guy Fawkes Night/BonFire Night in UK) I love it cause it feels like everyone is celebrating with you, fireworks etc.

5) I'm a proud 80's Baby (Yesss I'm 80's Obsessed & have a huge 80's collection)

6) I'm a Veggie! (I'm a lover of Animals & Quorn food is the best)

7) My hair is really long and it's real haha!!!

8) I was born in Scotland (as if you didn't know lol)

9) I live in England (I'm always back and forth from England to Scotland, Visits etc)

10) I live with my Amazing other half and two cats

11) I have no kids (yet)

12) I'm not married (yet)

13) My two cats are named after Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson

14) I work in PR and I enjoy it

15) I write a Lifestyle blog in my spare time (obv)

16) I created @TheBloggersPost  

17) I'm double Jointed (I can freak people out with my fingers lol)

18) I'm a big fan of Depeche Mode

19) I don't use my real surname online

20) I'm addicted to Scented Candles

21) I've never had Plastic Surgery (Not even fillers/botox & I'm doing pretty well at not looking my age thing, even though I'm not 'Old')

22)  My Fave Author is Reg McKay

23) I  Love WWE

24) Fave Wrestler is The Undertaker!

25) I spend most of my life shopping in Boots

26) I have a huge collection of Hello Kitty & Tatty Teddy stuff from over the years, I plan on passing it all on to my kids

27) Bubblebaths make everything seem better (in my opinion)

28) I'm a huge believer in Retail Therapy

29) Favourite colours are Black and Pink

30) I have Branflakes for Breakfast (Most important meal of the day and full of fibre lol)

31) I don't have Caffeine anymore (I used to be Caffeine Obsessed and it was bad for my body/health)

32) I went to see Michael Jackson's 'The Immortal World Tour' in Manchester (Cirque de soleil) with my partner and it was Amazing! 

33) This might not be a big deal to some people but to me it was some sort of achievement....I went on the Rollercoaster (I can't remember the blimmin name, it's red, you'll no doubt know it) at Black pool pleasure beach. I had no choice in the matter as it was a hen weekend and I didn't want to look like a boring git so I gritted my teeth, kept my eyes closed and prayed to god the whole time. If you know me and heights you'll know Rollercoasters ain't my thing. 

34) Michael Kors bags are my thing at the moment 

35) I'm a fabulous cook (I don't mind blowing my own trumpet here lol)

36) I studied Counselling, Psychology and Criminology 

37) I have two tattoo's

38) I own tons of Make Up 

39) I love Banana Milkshake 

40) Cadbury's Chocolate is my Fave

41) I'm scared of Heights (As you probably gathered from the Rollercoaster thing)

42) I'm scared of spiders (but I don't kill them, I get the other half to put them outside for me haha!)

43) I like watching classic episodes of Taggart (with Mark McManus in, it helps with my home sickness)

44) Glasgow, Manchester and York are my Fave places to shop

45) I met Timmy Mallett (80's legend from UK TV in the 80's) at Butlins as a kid 

46) I went to see Dorothy Paul (Scottish Legend) in Glasgow and went backstage to meet her, it was so strange to see someone you'd grown up watching on TV stood in front of you in real life, she was lovely

47) My Fave Michael Jackson Impersonator is Navi! (you should go and see him if you get the chance, such a nice guy and spent two hours with MJ fans after the show)

48) I fell off a chair in front of WWE legend 'Batista' (Me and my partner were seeing WWE in Sheffield and I stood up on a chair....in heels which was a bad idea and I went flying)

49) My Fave comedian is Billy Connolly (I love the guy)

50) and finallllyyyyy I can sing 'Oh Christmas Tree' in German lol!

So there you have it, all done and dusted. why don't you have a blast!

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