Insomniac, Stressed Out? need these in your life!

If you have a hectic lifestyle or suffer from Stress, Anxiety and your mind is running riot with obsessive thinking and you can't switch off or distract yourself, it can be very difficult and hard to cope with at times and it's hard to find things that help ease the situation.

A surprising form of 'Therapy' is to do Crosswords, Doodle and use Adult colouring books also known as Art Therapy. Using the above not only keeps your mind active (brain-training), you're also kept distracted, lowering your blood pressure, calming your body down and in many cases helping you prepare for sleep. Personally I find these types of Activities brilliant for Anxiety and Insomnia which I suffer from.

I'm obsessed with Two books which are perfect if you're looking for something that's going to de-stress, relax, calm you down and take your mind off things. I'm talking about the delightful 'Colour a Cat' and 'Doodle a poodle' by Hannah Rollings, not only do the titles raise a smile but the colours of the books are so vibrant, cheery and bright. The illustrations are cute, fun, cheery and divine.

The quality of the books is Amazing and the paper is also Amazing Quality. The books have that 'fresh paper' smell that reminds me of opening a brand new book and getting excited when I was a child (I was a bit of a nerd). In the 'Colour a Cat' book, there are tons of beautiful, colourful, fun and vibrant pages that have different unique designs, you can colour or doodle till your hearts content. It's the perfect treat or a gift for cat lovers everywhere.

The 'Doodle a Poodle' book is perfect for Dog lovers too, it's also vibrant, fun and full of beautiful designs on each page to keep you busy, relaxed and cheered up!

I love these books, they are a god-send to the hectic lifestyle and Insomnia sufferers of the world. I love how they relax me and cheer me up. They are so attractive and instantly brighten up your desk/home.

you can find Colour A Cat on the Mombooks website, it retails at only £7.99. The 'Doodle A Poodle book is also on there and retails at £7.99. You can find a wide range of books on the Mombooks website.

You can also find out more about Mombooks (Michael O'Mara Books) on their: Website | Twitter: @OMaraBooks | Twitter: @BusterBooks