Calling all Scented Candle Obsessives...

I'm so Excited to share with you this new beautiful subscription box and it's not just any standard run of the mill subscription's a box full of Scented Candles, Wax Tarts plus more. This is a dream come true if you're as obsessed with scented candles as much as I am.

A lot of time, effort and thought has gone into the making of this subscription box and you can tell from the get go that the brains behind the box 'Beth' knows her customers well, not only do you have a beautiful assortment of candles, wax tarts and extra goodies such as a car scenter and cute little love heart candle holder (contents vary per box, depending on which you order), the attention to detail and presentation is Stunning, it feels so personalised and created especially for you. The box feels and looks more like a hamper than a subscription box.

The little details that have been included from the little pink and clear plastic crystals to the pink straw tissue paper combined with the black tissue paper makes this box feel more like a special gift and I had such a lovely surprise opening it. Every scent was different and it felt and looked so luxurious.

It hard for me to pick a Favourite from the box because I love all the items that were included and I'm still in the process of going through them. The box contained quite a number of Candles and Wax tarts to keep the Candle Obsessive like me going. I'm currently burning a 'Hot Chocolate' wax melt as I type this and it smells delicious. Every wax tart and candle is Amazing quality and each one smells Divine.

The Box Of Wax Subscription price ranges are as follows:

- Bronze: £16.99 Monthly: (The size and number of the contents I reviewed which for £16.99 in my opinion is an Amazing price)

- Silver - £26.99: Monthly.

- Gold - £35.99: Monthly

- Platnum - £45.00: Monthly

The Bronze £16.99 subscription box is so Amazing that I imagine that the other boxes are going to be even more spectacular. You can also change your subscription level and cancel at any time.

When you select your chosen box on the Box Of Wax  website your chosen Subscription box once it has been created will then be dispatched within the first two weeks of the month.

Box Of Wax also have a sister company that also cater to all your candle obsessive needs: For Candles And Hampers  You will find an Amazing range of Candles, Accessories and melts plus more at Amazing prices.

You can find more about 'Box Of Wax' on their: Website | Twitter | Instagram

Whichever Subscripton level you go for, The 'Box of Wax' is the perfect, luxurious treat to have all to yourself or as a gift. It's the perfect indulgence for candle lovers everywhere.