A Subscription box for your Furbabies! @Meowbox

If you're an owner of 'Furbabies' (Translation: Cats) and you haven't heard of Meowbox where have you been? You NEED to know about this and luckily I'm here to tell you about it lol!

The Meowbox is a Subscription box full of unique treats and goodies for little furry people (Cats). If you follow me on Twitter you have no doubt seen me posting about my 'precious babies' MJ and Freddie Mercury and when I heard there was an actual Subscription box for Cats I thought it was fabulous!

At Christmas and on my Cats Birthdays (This post is beginning to make me sound like a crazy cat lady) I like to treat them to an Advent Calendar or some Cat nip goodies but there's never that great a selection where I tend to shop and I find that Dogs always have bigger range of toys in the local pet shops.

I love that with Meowbox it's all about the cats! With this purr-tastic subscription your furry friends get a little parcel of goodies delivered to them every month and each box is different so it's also a surprise for you as much as it is for them.

When the Meowbox arrived, my Cats went crazy and have been obsessed with it ever since. I've bought Toys for my cats in the past and found that they play with them for a little while but end up getting bored and leave them, not the case with the toys included in this cute box (which happened to contain lots of catnip).

Every item in the box was a hit! There was some moments of competition between the pair of them over the catnip toys but they seem to be playing together now. They also enjoyed the Coco Chia bakes that came in the box.

Each Meowbox comes with 5-7 items and is based on the dietary requirements of your Cat.

Meowbox ship to Canada, UK and US. ***Meowbox are currently putting shipment to the UK on hold, contact them for more information***

Another Amazing thing about Meowbox is that they donate a can of food to a cat shelter on your behalf with every Meowbox they ship to you!

To find out more about Meowbox and their Subscription prices: (They also have regular competitions and Information you might be interested in on their @Meowbox Twitter page so don't forget to follow them)

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