Why @BabyBBrowneTan is my #TanSpiration

I've been hearing and reading for quite a while all of the positive reviews, comments and not to mention the Amazing pictures of results from Beauty Bloggers and the general public from using the Baby B. Browne Self-Tanning Lotion that I was raring to try it for myself. 

I've tried nearly every self tanning product known to man and after using the Baby B. Browne self-tan I have to agree with everyone else who's tried it, it really is the perfect self tan!

I'm still glowing with a natural looking tan which I applied on Thursday (It's now Sunday as I type this) and I'm impressed with the long lasting results and also how soft my skin feels. With some self tans I've used in the past, after a couple of days the self tan starts to turn a bit flaky on the skin and wears away. This isn't the case with this Fantastic Self-tanning lotion. I wish I'd tried this moisturising, luxurious and streak-free skin treat sooner.

The results really are Amazing and that's with just one application. Even with one application you still get the Amazing glow and long lasting results.

The Baby B. Browne Tanning lotion has a divine Vanilla fragrance that is very light and the lotion itself is lightweight, moisturising and melts into the skin without any sticky feeling and I felt an instant confidence boost and real pampered feeling during applicaton and afterwards and I loved seeing the results. I look like I've been on holiday...not out in the cold/wet weather in the UK!

Why I prefer Baby B. Browne Tanning Lotion to other Self Tanning Lotions/Products I have bought in the past: 

- Proven, long lasting results,
- Amazing results from first Applicaton.
- Gorgeous light Vanilla Fragrance.
- Easy to apply, lightweight and Luxurious texture.
- Streak-Free!
- Cruelty-Free!
-Affordable and a Quality product.
- Excellent Customer Service
- Suitable for face and body for an all over even tan.

You can find more about Baby B. Browne on their: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Thank you for checking out my latest post! Happy Self-Tanning!!!!