Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar #ErnoLaszlo

Do you have a Favourite soap that you swear by? That takes care of all your Skincare needs?,

Well, being someone who has quite a few skincare issues... Oily, Sensitive, Redness, Dryness, Acne and the odd blackhead popping up out of nowhere..eeeek!, I struggled to find something that would tick all the boxes and give my skin the real helping hand that it needed.

I'm so excited about the Erno Laszlo products that I've been using lately. I've been using the 'Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Masque' (blog post will be coming up soon about that fabulous product). When I tweeted that I'd been using the masque my followers went crazy RT'ng and Favouriting the tweet (Even Andy Bell from Erasure seems to be a fan) so I guess I'm not the only one who loves this Erno Laszlo products.

As I mentioned before, my skin is a bit tricky and I've never found anything that has ticked all the boxes for me...until now. I'm obsessed with The Erno Laszlo 'Sea Mud Soap'. I'd heard that it was popular with celebrities and that it had Amazing effects on the skin but I thought 'it's a bar of soap, how could it possibly do all these things'. I ended up eating my words because this is not just any bar of soap.

In two weeks, my blackheads had disappeared (don't ask me where they went cause I have no clue). I don't know how this soap managed to get rid of them (there is no vigorous scrubbing involved). The soap managed to magically loosen blackheads and impurities in the skin and tighten pores, reduce oil, redness and improves tone, texture and look/feel of the skin which is also important for me being 32.  I'm still amazed by this and the difference two weeks of using it has made.

                    (I love the Amazing benefits it has given my face and neck....not bad for 32 lol)

I've read other reviews and so many people have said that they've used this soap everyday for years and have never looked back! I can understand why they rave about it so much because it is spectacular.

Everything about this soap ticked all the boxes for me even down to the gorgeous packaging and white and black soap tub that it comes in. so luxurious and elegant. 

The only thing that may be a little bit of an issue with some people would be the price as it's £45, I know what some of you who've never tried this product would be thinking.....'£45 for a bar of soap' but you have my word, this is nothing short of fabulous and you'll love it! If you could get your hands on a sample it is definitely worth trying so that you can see the skin benefits for yourself. I've read that people who've tried sample versions have gone on to buy the soap because they loved the sample so much.

You can find the Amazing 'Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar' here on  (Twitter: @BeautyExpertCom ) and the Erno Laszlo (Twitter: @ErnoLaszlo) website where you can also find out more about Erno Laszlo and more of their Amazing Products. 

Have you tried Erno Laszlo products? which are your Favourites?

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