Luxury Tearoom Experience at home!

I drink Tea every day and have done so for years like a lot of people not only because I enjoy it but also because it's a healthier alternative to coffee and contains lots of Antioxidants plus I find it quite a relaxing drink.

One of my favourite things to do if I'm in the mood to treat myself is go to a nice Tearoom and have what I call a 'proper cup of tea' with fresh loose tea leaves. At home I tend to have the quick tea bag option which is nice but you can really taste the difference with loose tea leaves.

So imagine my excitement when I was given the chance to review 3 varieties of loose tea from the Exquisite Dunedin Tea Co.

The Dunedin Tea Co. Website is every Tea connoisseurs dream with so many different varieties of tea from old favourites to some I'd never heard of before and also teas from all over the world. The website also details which ingredients each tea contains as well as levels of Caffeine and Antioxidants. You also learn the country of origin and the history behind that particular tea.

The Dunedin Tea Co website also contains Teaware helping you create that luxurious Tearoom experience in your own home. They also have various Tea Infusers which are perfect for when you're on the go, they are also easy to use and clean. Look at this cute Fred Manatea Infuser (which I now take everywhere with me)

I chose 3 Teas which was very hard to do because there were so many on the website that sounded divine. The 3 I chose were:

- Earl Grey (An old Favourite)
- Rooibos Creme Au Caramel
- Bourbon St Vanilla

I also had a little help doing this review because my partner who's also a bit of a Tea fan jumped at the chance of trying them and knowing he mostly drinks Tea made from Teabags I was interested to hear his opinions. To cut a long story short.....he loves them and now insists that we drink loose tea from now on as it's fresher and more delicious.

I agree with my partner as I'm now obsessed with loose tea because of Dunedin Tea Co. Their tea leaves are the best I have tried and that includes the Tearooms I have visited.

Here are my thoughts on the 3 Teas I chose:

- Earl Grey: The aroma of the leaves is divine and I really enjoyed the fragrant scent and taste of this tea. It was very relaxing and fresh.

- Bourbon St Vanilla: This was a Gorgeous Vanilla, Fruity tea that tasted creamy and comforting. I liked enjoying this tea at night before bed especially as it's Caffeine Free.

- Roobios Creme Au Caramel: This Tea was my most Favourite of the Teas, I loved the creamy, caramel, sweet taste. It was sweet but not too sweet and a tea that I could drink at any time of the day. It is also Caffeine Free.

It was hard to pick my Favourite out of the teas I tried because they were all delicious, fresh with  divine scents.

The Dunedin Tea Co. Have 25% off when you shop on their Website! when you use the code: UNLEASH25 (Code is valid till 29/02/16)

Have you tried any of the Dunedin Tea Co. Teas yet? Which is your Favourite?

You can find more information about 'The Dunedin Tea Co on their: Twitter | Website | Instagram | Facebook

As always, Thanks for checking out my post!