Lovebox by @OohCollection

So this post is a bit different to what I normally post and a bit spicy but here goes...

Now that we are into January people are already talking about Valentine's Day (yup, it's true) and I know that some people have ideas about going away for an overnight or weekend with their partner to a nice hotel.

Last week I was on twitter and I entered a competition from @OohCollection as it looked really exciting. The rules were to share my most romantic story and if I was lucky enough I would win one of their Amazing 'Loveboxes'. I didn't know what to expect but it sounded exciting, naughty and fun!

Luckily I won the competition and OohCollection sent me out one of these beautiful boxes and I had no idea what was going to be inside so it was quite exciting! The box itself is beautiful with a gorgeous design, the colours are stunning together, black and scarlet red. I even love the fancy font. The box is so luxurious and looks and feels expensively made.

I opened the box and couldn't believe the amount of things inside. The arrangement of the products, the colours and quality was beautiful. In between each product the box was filled with scarlet red imitation rose petals which I could imagine being thrown all over your hotel room bed or in your own bedroom.

It was like a little luxurious box full of raunchy secrets (I'm starting to sound like 50 Shades of Grey here) because there was little black boxes, A red silky pouch, a black lacy drawstring bag with 3 dice inside (2 red, 1 black and containing words such as..Sensually, Nibble, your choice etc).

It was so much fun going through each product and at the very bottom of the box was some 'black bondage tape'.

The contents of the box included (In Full):

- Imitation Red Rose Petals
- Black Bondage Tape
- Black Lace Drawstring Bag with 2 red, 1 black dice inside.
- A little Discreet box of Premium Latex Condoms
- A Mini Bullet Vibrator (In a Discreet Black package)
- An Erotic Couples Vibrating Ring (In A Discreet Box)
- A Scarlet red silk pouch (with some of the products below in)
- Pleasure Tingling Sensation lubricant
-Natural Feel Lubricant
- Tingly Lip Balm (Cinnamon Flavoured)

I loved the Tingly lip balm not only because it was Cinnamon but it did make my lips tingle and did give a tingling sensation to the skin.

All in all I think the Lovebox is brilliant and would highly recommend them to anyone. I think they are perfect for Valentine's Day and anytime you fancy a treat that you and your partner can have fun and share. The Lovebox contains so many seductive delights for both men and women. Ooh colletion do a variety of different Loveboxes, even one for women who just want a Lovebox all to themselves. You can find the variations of Loveboxes prices/more info Here! The products are outstanding and very sophisticated ranging from Satin Blindfolds to massage oil. I especially love the personal touch of each box because you feel like it's been tailored especially to you and your partner.

I also like how descreet and Glamorous they are. Each item is carefully placed in a little black box or Pouch and part of the fun is not knowing what you're going to discover next in this little box of naughty delights.

In my opinion I think the OohCollection Loveboxes are a perfect addition to a romantic stay in a hotel with your partner as surprise to them, if my partner was to surprise me with one of these I would be excited, I think it would add extra spice and fun to a lot of people's relationships and make their romantic stay in a hotel even more memorable. I think they'd be a great addition to hen parties or just girly parties in general. I've held a girls night in, in the past and we used a similar theme but the products were not as luxurious, elegant, fun or of the quality of the Lovebox. I was impressed with everything from the design of the box right down to the imitation rose petals. This is a product I would definitely buy and would love to see included in my hotel room especially if it's for a romantic weekend.

Loveboxes are the perfect gift at any time of the year and Occasion (Anniversary, Birthdays, Valentine's etc) it's rare that you find a gift that couples can actually share and both enjoy.

If you're the kind of person who doesn't feel comfortable buying Sex Toys and things of that nature, the Lovebox is ideal because it is very discreet and very elegant, nobody knows what's inside the box. I've been in shops before buying similar products and it can be a bit embarrassing especially with some of the packaging the products are placed in, not very discreet. I would happily walk into a shop, pick one of the Loveboxes up and not feel any embarrassment because the boxes are so posh and sleek. The Loveboxes not only add spice and naughtiness but also romance, there's nothing tacky or seedy about it which can be the case with some brands and products in this area.

You can find out more about the background and more information about The Loveboxes and OohCollection on their Gorgeous website:  OohCollection | You can also find them on Twitter for more Info and Competitions: @OohCollection

OohCollection mostly stock their Loveboxes for Hotels, lingerie, leisure events and gift sectors but I hope they plan to sell them individually in the future or as a subscription, I like the idea of having a subscription where the Lovebox could be delivered to your home at various important dates (such as your partners birthday, the date you first met, Anniversary etc)

I enjoyed all the seductive goodies in the Lovebox I was sent (so did my partner but I'll spare you the details lol).

I hope you enjoyed reading this review as much as I did writing and going through it. Don't forget to follow @OohCollection on twitter, check out their website & Blog: OohCollection enter their Amazing competitions and drop the hint to your partner or the hotel that you're planning on going to for Valentine's that you want one of these gorgeous boxes in your hotel room.

Thank you as always for taking the time to read my post!