Like Cakes? you'll love this...

You may have noticed on Twitter if you follow either my @CaledonianKitty or @TheBloggersPost  pages, the cute and yummy pictures of the cupcakes I was posting from @EatYourPhoto

I was lucky enough to be given the chance to review the gorgeous Vanilla cupcakes complete with my own personalised photo of my cat Freddie and I was over the moon.

Eat Your Photo  personalise edible yummy goodies which include Cupcakes, Photo's for Pizza, Cookies, Canvas Cakes, Photo's on Brownies, Printed photo cakes, edible photos and printed chocolate.

I think it's a brilliant idea to have your chosen photo printed onto delicious treats and an Amazing personal and special treat as a gift or to promote your company/brand with your logo.

There's never a time in the year where @EatYourPhoto goodies would not be useful and a fantastic, personalised treat! I'm looking forward to sending my mum and Dad some for Mothers/Fathers Day as a nice surprise. They are truly perfect for any occasion.

I'm a big fan of Cupcakes and when my personalised Vanilla cupcakes arrived so quickly and packaged so perfectly and secure, I wondered what the cakes would taste like because they looked so Amazing on the outside. The photo and the cake itself was flawless, not a mark or fault to be seen, perfect quality!

One bite of the Vanilla cupcake and I was in heaven. I'm picky when it comes to cupcakes and sometimes you can buy pretty cupcakes and find when you bite into them that the cake is dry and the icing is bland but that wasn't the case here. The Eat Your Photo Cupcakes are Absolutely Gorgeous and totally addictive. The cupcakes didn't last long ( think I could have easily eaten every one of them myself but I was good and shared them out, everyone was going crazy for them, not just the photo/design but the taste of the cupcakes too - they were a massive hit)

You can find out more about 'Eat Your Photo' here on Twitter: @EatYourPhoto | Facebook | Website | Google+

The customer service is Excellent and the packaging is very secure, there's no way your cakes/order will be crushed or damaged and the delivery is pretty swift.