Happy Hair Days in the Winter Months!

Having long hair especially in this winter weather, it's important for me to look after it well and keep it looking healthy and shiny. The cold, wet weather can often leave long hair looking dull, greasy and flat. 

I'd tried skincare products containing 'Argan Oil' and I was impressed, but I hadn't tried Hair products containing Argan Oil.

I get asked on a regular basis which products I use on my hair to keep it healthy, long, strong and in great condition. 

At the moment I've been loving the products by  Vatika Naturals and my hair is looking Pretty Amazing (and smells divine) if I do say so myself since I've been using Vatika Shampoo, Conditioning Hair Mask and Hair Oil.

This Shampoo smells Gorgeous and contains all the goodness of Argan Oil. My hair is left feeling silky, looking shiny and smelling Scrumptious. I've also noticed that my hair is easily to brush through since using the Vatika products.

I love this Oil, it's not greasy like some oils can be. It smells Amazing and leaves my hair looking shiny, healthy and glossy. A little goes a long way with this product too. 

I enjoy treating my hair and scalp to this gorgeous treatment. When you open the tub and breath in the scent it is addictive, such a gorgeous scent that also enriches your hair. I use a lot of Styling products so I love being able to pamper and de-stress my hair with this mask and get rid of the product build up. My hair is left feeling like silk and smelling devine with a new lease of life. 

Vatika have other gorgeous products to treat your hair with and keep it looking fabulous in these winter months, have a browse on their website where you can find these products and more: Vatika Naturals

You can also find them on Twitter: @VatikaUK 

Here's to more Happy Hair Days in the winter months!!!