Give your Hair, Skin, Nails & Health a Boost!

Is one of your goals of 2016 to take more care of your health?, been feeling run down with not enough energy or are you looking for a boost to you skin, hair and nails?

well, whatever the reason it's a good idea to make sure that you're getting all the essential vitamins your body needs everyday. Having the best Makeup and clothes doesn't mean much when you feel sluggish and ill because your body is lacking in nutrients. It's also a good idea to keep your immune system in tip top condition especially at this time of year.

I try to ensure that I take essential vitamins every day but sometimes it can be difficult especially when you can't find the right ones. The price of vitamins and Supplements can be quite expensive depending on the retailer and it's hard to find a product which ticks all the boxes to cover all your needs.

I often find myself having to buy different types of vitamins from different retailers, that's why I was excited about trying Convenient Vitamins (Convits) they have over 60 varieties of Vitamins and Supplements for men and women and you have the choice of creating your own Vitamin and Supplement packs as well as having a choice of their pre-packs. 

Convits  have Excellent customer service and are very helpful, you discuss what you are looking for in terms of Vitamins and Supplements and what your health needs are. I was looking for a Vitamin and Supplement pack that would cover both my health needs and be beneficial to my skin, hair and nails. Convits created a box with 28 foil packs of vitamins & supplements, with 5 tablets in each pack containing: 

- 1 x Hair, Skin and Nails
- 2 x Time Defying Skin Tablets
- 1 x A-Z Multivitamin and Minerals
- 1 x Vitamin D3 5000iu 

The box also contains a guide detailng the Vitamins and Supplements in each pack, what they are and the benefits they contain for your body. I also liked that the tablets were securely sealed in foil packs to keep them fresh and protected. The box that the Vitamins/Supplements are packed in is very secure too.

The foil packs are very convenient to keep in your bag when you're travelling instead of carrying bottles everywhere. 

I've been taking my Convits for over a week now and I feel the difference already in energy, my skin, hair and nails. I cut my finger the other day and it's already healed up so the Vitamins and Supplements must have worked their magic there too. 

You can find out more about Convits on their: Website | Twitter | 

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