A Tea with All the goodness of Green Tea/Vitamins but very yummy & Fruity?

You may have noticed how much colder it's getting in the mornings and that urge to stay cosy in bed is getting greater but there is one thing that helps perk us up in the moring and that's a nice hot cup of tea or coffee, but what about a cup of tea that is full of healthy benefits and beneficial for keeping your immnune system strong in these cold winter months...

Say hello to T Plus Wellness Teas! If you want all the benefits of Green Tea but like me, you're not a fan of the taste then these Teas are perfect for you because they are delicious, very fruity, full of goodness and vitamins, there's no sour 'plant-like' taste. You're getting all the health benefits plus an enjoyable, relaxing drink. These Teas can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

The T Plus teas are available in the following flavours: 

- Orange and Blueberry {IMMUNITY} (I loved this, it reminded me of Orange Fruit Pastel sweets, that's how yummy this tea is).

- Apple and Blackberry {DETOX} (This combination is divine, I think it's my Favourite so far)

- Raspberry and Pomegranate {BOOST} (So fruity and and a very comforting, relaxing drink)

- Lemon and Peach {MULTI-VITAMIN} (I've yet to try this flavour but if the others are anything to go by, I imagine this will be just as delicious. 

Each of the yummy T Plus Teas contain The Benefits of Green Tea (without the bitter taste),  The Goodness of Herbs, Flowers and Seeds and Daily Essential Vitamins.

You can find out more about T Plus and their Amazingly Delicious Healthy Teas on their website: T Plus 

You can also find them on Twitter: @TPlusDrinks

Hope you enjoyed the post, I'm off to enjoy a big mug of yummy 'Orange and Blueberry' T Plus Tea!

Have you tried T Plus? which is your Favourite?