The Negative side of Blogging!

I enjoy being a Blogger and have had many positive experiences and have gotten to know some really lovely people through the process but as we all know, with the positive sometimes comes the Negative.

I've seen a few of these posts where Bloggers talk/Vent about what drives them mad when it comes to Blogging. I'm happy to say that the majority of the experience of Blogging for me has been a positive experience but have to admit there's a few things that get my goat at times, pour yourself a cup of tea in your fave mug and read on...

Certain Companies trying to Exploit Bloggers: 

I talked about this recently on @TheBloggersPost page and got quite a huge response back from Bloggers who could relate. On TheBloggersPost page I get contacted quite a lot from various brands who are looking for Bloggers to do reviews and the other day I was browsing the Timeline and noticed a few 'opportunities'. I put the word out there so other Bloggers would know and I also contacted the said Brands myself. I was sent a few emails which were promtly deleted. My reason for this is because the said Brands were expecting me & the other Bloggers to PAY for the products they wanted US to REVIEW plus postage and packaging. According to them, this was an Amazing opportunity for us (yeah, right). I noticed that it was the bloggers who were either just starting out or like myself had a small following who were being approached. Straight away as soon as I saw what the score was with these certain brands I tweeted on TheBloggersPost Page a warning to Bloggers to be aware of Certain Companies doing this especially as it's the run up to Christmas., again there was huge response with Bloggers sharing their experiences of having had this happen to them. I know of a blogger who spent £15 on products from a company who wanted her to do a review when she first started her blog  because she wasn't aware of the ins and outs of Blogging.  I want to take this moment to thank the bloggers who post about what to look out for and bloggers rights, I think these posts are a godsend to bloggers. 

Certain Brands who only work with Bigger Bloggers:

Notice that I'm careful to use the word 'Certain' when writing this post because I know that all brands/companies are not like this. I only follow a handful of Bigger bloggers because some of them out there are like reading a commercial and you don't always know what the true review is. That's not to say that there's not great popular bloggers out there, cause their are but there are some that we know it's just them going through the motions of revewing products they've been sent and paid to write about. I'm not 100% against sponsored posts but I like a mixture of both Sponsored and products that a Blogger has bought themselves. I also wish that certain brands would give smaller Bloggers a chance to shine too! 

Bitchy/Cliquey Bloggers:

So this is quite a touchy subject but I'm going to be honest afterall. I've noticed quite a lot the bitchiness that goes on in 'The Blogging Community' it isn't a pretty sight and it's not a fabulous thing but unfortunately you're going to have this kind of thing. It would be naive to say that all Bloggers Support Bloggers. I know on @TheBloggersPost page I try to keep things positive and share Bloggers posts/links etc. But I have had to block people in the past for how they've been with me personally and I really don't need that hassle nor does anybody. I don't 'kiss up' to popular bloggers or follow popular bloggers in a bid to be 'noticed' or given an award or whatever. I avoid going to blogger meet-ups (that's not to say that I wouldn't meet any bloggers that I admire/get on with because I would love to do that in the future). I avoid these because I've seen all the drama and bitchiness afterwards with some of them and it's not my cup of tea to get caught up in all that. There are also the certain bloggers who could start a fight in an empty phonebox and seem to pop up all the time when drama is going on, one popular blogger who tried to start drama with me a couple of weeks ago but I just stayed quiet, blocked and moved on. This said blogger seems to look for opportunities to 'nit pick' on other bloggers and I'd noticed it a few times so obviously on that day it was my turn to get her special treatment lol. I appreciate the bloggers who do support other bloggers and try to spread positivity.

Plus Size vs Slim Bloggers:

The drama with this topic goes back and forth. Again with what I mentioned previously, I've seen a lot of bitchy stuff going on regarding this. I follow both plus size bloggers and fellow slim bloggers and don't care what size anybody is. I don't follow people based on their size, I think that's stupid! From my personal experience (don't jump on my back when I say this) and from what I've seen, I've seen a lot of plus size bloggers having negativity towards slim bloggers. There seems to be an Us and them thing going on and it's stupid! It's usually the same 'clique' that always have something to say when someone mentions the tiniest word about weight or health. A slim blogger wrote a post about weight and health and the 'Clique' basically came for her on Twitter and Cyber-bullied her basically for having an opinion, she didn't blast any plus size bloggers or say anything derogatory but it seems the word 'weight' is a dirty word and you have to be really careful what you say. I've seen Slim bloggers being called 'Skinny Bitches', 'Anorexics' etc etc. There's drama from both sides and nobody is innocent here. Shoutout to the bloggers who don't feel the need to create drama when someone has an opinion.

People who pretend to be Bloggers in an Attempt to blag free stuff: 

Now this is hillarious and at the same time Insulting to us who are Bloggers. Now and again I run Giveaways and have entered a few Giveaways myself (nothing wrong with that). The thing that gets me is the 'professional compers' who have 'Blogger' written on their Bio with not a link to be seen anywhere on their timeline but just a traill of neverending comp tweets. I follow back every blogger on my @CaledonianKitty page and usually during a Comp a new follower will pop up and I see on their Bio that they are a 'Blogger' and even tweet me with the #Bbloggers hashtag when entering one of my comps. So I think, Fabulous, I'll check your blog out/follow you and it turns out they don't have a blog...they use the line 'Blog in Progress or upcoming Blog etc'. It's funny the lengths that some people will go to,

Brands who don't show Courtesy to Bloggers:

I asked this question to Bloggers on @TheBloggersPost page and there was a divide in opinion. For me personally I think that if you buy a product, take the time and effort to do a review then a company should at least Thank you for giving them the free positive publicity. If you're getting paid to write about products I suppose you wouldn't care cause at the end of the day you're getting compensated. I buy products which I like and use and don't expect Retweets from high end brands but I did do a review on a fairly new brand who has a low number of Twitter followers and they Retweeted everybody elses review but mine. I'm trying to be more 'I don't care' about it, but it does leave you with a feeling of 'Is my blog not good enough?'. Later I realised that the bloggers they'd retweeted were all bigger bloggers with huge followings so little old me wouldn't have had a chance. I won't be buying their products again. Also, all the bigger bloggers that had done reviews for them all seemed to be reviewing the same thing, so they obviously were all sent the products out for their launch.  Shoutout to the brands who Retweet all bloggers, especially 'Lush' they are fabulous with bloggers and always tweet a 'Thank you'!

Bloggers Who Don't Follow Other Bloggers Back On Bloglovin: 

Everyday I'm retweeting Bloggers links and requests for other bloggers to follow their blog. When I first started blogging and I shared my link after a chat, I assumed that if I followed a blogger that they would automatically follow me back, you know the 'Bloggers Supporting Bloggers' thing. It's become apparent that some bloggers (not all) want you to follow their blog with no intention of following yours or they follow you for 5 minutes, wait till you've followed and then unfollow....uhhhh the drama! The other day I checked my Bloglovin and found that I was following 1000+ bloggers and had 399 following me WTF? and theres no way to check who's following you on there and who's not following you. I think it's rude and another pet hate for me is the 'Snobby Bloggers', the ones who are happy for you to follow them but they won't follow you because.....they don't like your layout....your pictures....your font...blah, blah, blah! and tell you the 'Rules' for blogging. There are no rules, your blog is your blog to do what you want with! I follow everyone from Beauty Bloggers to Book Bloggers. I find inspiration in following various bloggers. I think it's good to have variety. Shoutout to the Bloggers that support and follow each other back!

Blogger Awards:

I've seen a few bloggers get upset about this. I'm not against rewarding hard work but I don't care too much for putting some bloggers against each other or awarding bloggers based on Traffic. I've seen some Amazing bloggers with Amazing content and they never get a look in because they have a low following. I've seen some bloggers lose heart and the enjoyment of blogging because they haven't been nominated for these Awards. With some of these things, it's usually the same people that win them and just happen to be mates with the people who organise them. I don't care if I'm never nominated/win awards or whatever, I have my blog as a hobby and I enjoy it and getting to know other fabulous bloggers. I don't need an Award to tell me I'm a good blogger or that my blog is good enough. I don't blog to be popular, I do it for myself. If I didn't I would have given up ages ago cause it costs a fortune and a lot of time and effort. I think all bloggers should be appreciated for their hardwork no matter what size of following they have.

So there you have it, if you've made it this far I salute you! 

Thank you so much for reading my ranting and raving. What are your thoughts on what I've said above? I apologise to anyone who may have taken offence to anything I've said but at the end of the day this is my opinion the same as you have yours and we all are free to express our opinions.

Much Love as always x