The Christmas Tag & My Festive Playlist!

So I've seen the 'Christmas Tag' & 'The Christmas Playlist' floating around and thought I would have a go at it and combined the two in one post. For my Christmas Tag questions I got them from The Fabulous RamblingsOfLynn 

So let's have fun and answer these questions! (Hot Chocolate and Christmas Music at the ready)..

Question 1 - What is your Favourite Christmas Song and Why?

I struggle between Wham's 'Last Christmas' and 'Band Aid' (1984) 'Do they know it's Christmas'. They sound so Christmassy and 80's. I adore them. I get chills when I first hear them around this time of year.

Question 2 - Which are your Favourite Christmas Colours?

Red, Dark Green and Gold!

Question 3 - What's your Favourite Christmas Movie and why?

Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York! New York looks beautiful even more so at Christmas and staying in a fabulous hotel and going shopping at Duncan's toy chest appeals to the kid in me lol. 

Question 4 - What's your Favourite Christmas Food & Drink?

Roast Potatoes, pastry, gravy, potato croquettes, Quorn Roast. Baileys with Ice. Cinnamon Latte's, Hot Chocolate, Christmas Tea.

Question 5 - Are your Christmas Tree and Decorations up?


Question 6 - Favourite Christmas Character?

Is Uncle Buck seen as a Christmas movie? Well, it's Uncle Buck! 

Question 7 - Big Family Christmas or small Family gathering? 

On the day itself, I like a small gathering. My family live in London, Scotland and US so we see each other at various times in the year when we can.

Question 8 - Do you believe in Santa Claus?


Question 9 - Best place for Christmas Food Shopping?

Tesco or ASDA and I'll be doing mine online this year to avoid the stress!

Question 10 - Do you own a Christmas Jumper?

I don't, but I'll get my hands on one at some point. I have lots of Christmas Accessories though!

Question 11 - If you could find anyone underneath your Christmas Tree, not the Boyf/Hubby, who would it be? 

Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode 

Question 12 - Worst Christmas Gift you've ever gotten?

A knee length pair of horrible brown slipper sock things which if you knew me well, you'd know I wouldn't wear in a million years. The person who gave me these was the kind of person who would wear them as they liked brown and beige clothes. yuck! (I'm not talking Nice brown/beige here if you know what I mean)

Question 13 - Best Christmas Gift you've ever been given?

For a joke my brother bought me a 'Mr Frosty Machine' a few years back! I was over the moon because I always wanted one as a child and it meant a lot to me. 

Question 14 - Have you posted all your Christmas Cards yet?

I'll be posting everything off this week

Question 15 - Have you bought a crap gift for a person you didn't like (be honest)?

Yes, the future in-laws and my dad's girlfriend. I have expensive taste when buying for everyone else but when it comes to them 'cheap and cheerful' is the answer haha!!!

Question 16 - What's the best Gift you've ever bought someone?

All my gifts to my dear friends and family are expensive and lovely but if I had to choose it would be tickets to WWE or The Michael Jackson Immortal Tour for my other half. 

Question 17 - What do you want Santa to bring you this year?

Anything Girly and fabulous!

Question 18 - Anything you don't want this year?

Brown socks lol

Question 19 - If you could go anywhere at Christmas where would you go?

I would love to spend a Christmas at a beautiful hotel up in Scotland. I plan to do this maybe next year. 

Question 20 - Do you have an Advent Calendar, is so which one?

Yes it's a Tatty Teddy one!

Ok, Onto my Christmas Playlist!!!!

I love listening to Christmas songs at this time of year. I have many favourites but I have managed to narrow it down to 10..

1- Band Aid (1985) ~ 'Do They Know It's Christmas'

2 - Wham ~ 'Last Christmas'

3 - Paul McCartney ~ 'Wonderful Christmas Time'

4 - Cliff Richard ~ 'Mistletoe and Wine'

5 - Mariah Carey ~ 'All I Want For Christmas'

6 - The Pogues Ft Kirsty McColl ~ 'Fairytale Of New York'

7 - Chris Brown ~ 'This Christmas'

8 - Justin Bieber ~ 'Mistletoe'

9 - Jethro Tull ~ 'Solstice Bells'

10 - The Jacksons ~ 'Rockin Robbin'

As you can see there is loads that I didn't include but I'd be here all night  listing all the classics we know and love but I broke it down as much as I could.

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Hope you're enjoying the festive season so far and thank you as always for checking out my post/blog!