I have a Big Nose, So What?

I decided to do this post on a whim this morning after watching and being inspired by an interview that 'Ferne McCann' had recently done.

Fearne was talking about her thoughts and feelings about her Nose. She talked about having to deal with negativity from Trolls on social media in particular Instagram where she would have trolls telling her she needed a nose job because they thought her nose was too big!

Instagram seems to be rising in this kind of thing where random people leave negative comments on people pictures which I think is quite sad and pathetic.

Anyway, the reason Ferne's story touched a nerve with me was because I'm one of those girls who have a 'Unique Nose', it's not perfect, it's big and for many years when I was younger I was bullied at school (I had every comment under the sun.... 'your nose is massive, you need a nose job etc etc etc) and I had an obsession with saving up money for a nose Job.

The funny thing is, that before all the bullying started and the negative comments, I wasn't really bothered about my Nose, I knew it was a bit big but it was something I never really focused on until bullies tried to convince me that I was ugly and needed plastic surgery.

The bullying at school got so bad that I covered all of the mirrors in my house because I didn't want to look at myself. I was convinced that I was ugly and that a nose job would change my life and nobody would ever pick on me again.

Years went by and I started to grow a bit more in confidence and got to a point where I experimented with Makeup and styles and started to embrace my 'Unique look'. I would look at other beautiful Actress's and Actors who were considered to have 'larger noses' and seeing how beautiful and successful they were gave me a bit more confidence.

I'm 32 now and at any point I could've had a nose job, there's times when I've had the money to do it but I just didn't want to. I'd rather buy a new lipstick or eyeshadow and work with the Unique facial features that God gave me.

Having a big nose has not stopped me from achieving things or stopped members of the opposite sex being attracted to me. I've had relationships, been complemented on my looks many times.

I know I had pressue when I was younger but I do feel a huge amount of sympathy for the younger women and men of today who are being shown pictures of the Kardashians and basically being told...'Hey, if you don't like your face, buy a whole new one'. Inject this and that into your face so that by the time your 35 you'll look 90!

It saddens me that there's not enough 'embrace your flaws, imperfections' because they are the things that make you unique. Why would you want to look the same as everyone else? Plumped up lips, boob implants, butt implants, implants for this, implants for that.....what's happening to people?, where's the originality?

I'm not against plastic surgery, if someone is in a terrible accident or it's gotten to the point where they just can't go on then I can understand how some people  would choose that option. Going under the knife is serious, The Kardashians make it look easy, it isn't, it can be dangerous, your messing with your looks and health.

If you are choosing to go down the road of plastic surgery please do your research, there's risks of infections and things going wrong if not looked into properly.

Everyone remembers when Jennifer Grey (Baby from Dirty Dancing) had her nose job after the success of the movie and it completely changed how she looked to the point of where nobody recognised her and it affected her career.

Ferne McCann talking about her Nose gained media attention and it seems everyone has an opinion on it. I'm pleased to say that most of the comments I have read have been positive with people saying that she doesn't need plastic surgery because she is beautiful as she is. You do get the odd troll hiding behind the computer saying something but that's most probably down to jealousy of Fearne's beauty and success.

I remember when the Olympian Rebecca Adlington had negativity about her nose and she bowed to the pressure of the trolls and underwent surgery. I respect it was her decision but feel that she didn't have to do that, she was beautiful, successful with a happy relationship and had lived quite happily with the nose that she had for years. It's a shame also that even after the surgery I see negative tweets about her nose still. Trolls will forever find the least little thing to pick on.

I have no plans to have plastic surgery and I'm happy with how I look and embrace and celebrate my originality. I have Spanish blood in me so I consider it a 'exotic' Characteristic haha!

I hope Ferne stays original and beautiful as she is because she seems like a breath of fresh air and a good role model, there's been enough Kylie Jenners and plastic surgery addicts around to last a lifetime and it's worrying the affect that it's having on young people and everyone in general.

Celebrate your originality and ignore any negativity. I know it's easier said than done but in this day and age what one person finds beautiful, another may find plain. You could have all the plastic Surgery in the world and you'll still have someone tweet/comment 'Oh, you need a chin implant/bigger lips etc etc'.

So yes, I'm a big nosed beauty and I don't care if it's not fashionable or classed as acceptable. I am who I am, I love who I am and so should you. Step away from the magazines/the air brushing and the fillers/implants/fakeness and be true to who you are. There's nobody else like you, you've got your own thing going on, embrace it!

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