Did @Freedom_Makeup 's Anti-Shine Fixing Spray Impress me? Find Out....

As someone who spends a fortune on Make Up (it's my Addiction). I love both high end products, low end products and I especially like trying out New Products.

So whilst I was browsing the Superdrug Black Friday sales, Something caught my eye. I'd heard about Freedom Makeup London (The new Sister brand to the Fabulous Makeup Revolution) but I hadn't tried out any of their products.

I'd run out of My high brand Make up setting spray and noticed that Freedom Makeup had their own Anti-Shine Fixing Spray (£5.00) and thought that it sounded Fabulous so I snapped it up. I didn't know what to expect. I'm one of those people who has shiny/oily skin so I have to be a bit more picky when selecting my Makeup products and sometimes that means paying a little bit extra for that Anti-Shine security, or does it?....

Put it this way, I applied my Makeup at 6am, had been rushing around during the day, in the rain, stressed and with only one or two touch ups during the day, my Makeup was still fresh and no shine to be seen! My Make up was still perfect at bedtime that I didn't want to take it off lol. This product could easily see me into the night (for example, if you had a Christmas party after work and didn't have time to re-do your Makeup).

It's easy to use. Just apply your Makeup as usual and hold the bottle about 8 inches from your face and spritz a couple of times....don't panic if your face feels wet, it will set into a Matte finish!

I love this product and have now replaced my usual brand for it, yeah, it impressed me that much!

I'm looking forward to trying out some more of Freedom Makeup's products if this spray is anything to go by.

Have you tried any of their products, what are your thoughts?

btw, this post isn't sponsored!

You can find The Freedom Anti-Shine at Superdrug Online & Instore.

Happy Shopping!!!!