Chocoholics...This one's for you!! @ThorntonsChocs

So, I've just been having a 'Charlie and The Chocolate Factory' Christmas moment courtesy of @ThorntonsChocs

If you're a Chocoholic and you know other Chocoholics then you just have to check out this Fabulously-Christmassy-Chocolicious idea that the Chocolate masters at Thorntons have come up with.

We all love Chocolates at any time of the year, especially the beautifully designed Thorntons Chocolates but at Christmas it can be a bit Decisions....Decisions...Decisions and dare I say it, a bit stressful!

So to put the fun, enjoyment, excitement back into things, Thorntons have created a Thorntons Christmas Gift Finder! if you click the link you'll be transported to a little Chocolate factory where you can create your own Chocolate Goodies from Personalised Chocolate gifts to hampers full of yummy Thorntons Chocolates.

As an adult you really do feel like a Kid in a Chocolate factory and it's so much fun!!!! I found myself laughing as I answered the questions and went along. It's such a great idea and I can't wait to share this with my other half (ahem....incase he was thinking of buying a certain someone Thorntons Chocolates for Christmas and needed a little help choosing) and family/friends and making some cheeky Thorntons Personalised purchases myself to spoil my loved ones

So off you go and have fun on the 'Thorntons Gift Finder' and don't forget to share on Twitter/Facebook what your results were. You can find Thorntons Chocolates on Twitter: @ThorntonsChocs

Have Fun Chocoholics!!!!!