Bye Bye Stretch Marks, Cellulite & Hello smooth, toned skin!

I've always been a been a fan of Cocoa Butter and know first hand the positive results it has on skin tone, stretch marks, cellulite and dry skin when used regularly.

I've tried all different kinds of Cocoa Butter and each product has been different having both positives and negatives. 

Some products would leave your skin feeling great but have too strong a scent, some would soften your skin temporarily and some would leave the skin oily and take ages to sink in.

So I was on a search for the Coco Butter that would be easy to apply, that would melt into the skin and have a nice gentle scent but would leave the skin soft hours after application.... and that is exactly what the product below does, and more...

The 'Jason' Nourishing Cocoa Butter Moisrurizing Creme also contains Vitamin E and is perfect to use on your face and neck. Not only do you get the soothing and Smoothening benefit of the Cocoa Butter , you also get the benefits of the skin goodie 'Vitamin E' known for it's anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Your skin is in for a real treat when you use this product. I used it tonight after my Bubblebath and 6 hours later my skin still feels soft and pampered. 

What I also love about this Cocoa Butter is that a little of the creme goes a long way and melts into the skin so there's no sticky, oily residue and waiting ages for your skin to settle. 

I think the 'Jason Nourishing Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Creme' is perfect for quickly applying in the morning and evening, when you want the skin benefits but don't have the time to wait to put your clothes on. Some Cocoa Butters can leave an oily mark on your clothes or give that 'uncomfortable' sticky feeling but I didn't get that with this product.

This has definitely become my Favourite Cocoa Butter product! I'm excited that I still have loads left in the tub. You can purchase this Divine product Here! which retails at £6.39 on the 'NutriCentre' website. They also have Free postage on UK Orders over £25. 

You can also find the 'Jason Cocoa Butter hand and body lotion' Here! on the NutriCentre website. You will also find Vitamins, Supplements, Beauty, Food, Books plus helpful advice on Common Conditions and which Vitamins/Supplements you may need. 

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So Happy browsing on the website and hope you find some healthy goodies on there!

and also, 

Happy Pampering!

As always, Thank you for checking out my latest Post!