Treated like Crap by #WeLoveSunkissed

Hi Everyone,

I wasn't going to talk publicly about this and have had a long think about it and feel like I need to say something because maybe other bloggers can relate and also just to be wary in future when working with certain brands/companies.

In the past I have had a good relationship with 'Sunkissed' (@WeLoveSunkissed) and done a few reviews for them (unpaid) even at the beginning before they became more well known and of course myself just started out blogging so I was excited to be given the opportunity to do some reviews for them.

Last Thursday (19th Dec) I congratulated Sunkissed on winning their Award at The Beauty Awards (Can't remember the exact name of the Award /Award Show) noticed out of the blue that The @WeLoveSunkissed account unfollowed me (all at the same time) my blog twitter, my personal twitter and @TheBloggersPost (My page for Retweeting/Supporting other Bloggers) and I was thinking.....What's happened here, have I said something? Maybe there's a problem on their account?. I couldn't help but take it personally when it was all 3 of my accounts unfollowed at the same time.

Thinking it was a mistake, I tweeted them asking if everything was ok as I'd noticed that they'd unfollowed me. I got a Direct Message "We didn't unfollow you actually", which I found a bit odd when they did. An odd exchange of DMs continued and I was left feeling like.....what the hell was all that about? Whoever it was clearly took a dislike to me. I left it at that and just unfollowed them back on my accounts and decided that I wouldn't be retweeting them again (In the past I would retweet their products, competitions so Bbloggers would know, just random tweets so they got free promo out of me as well).

I was left feeling like crap to be honest and couldn't understand it. I decided to email Sunkissed and complain (I sound like a right old woman here lol). I got a reply from a really nice woman called 'Cheryle' who was really nice in the email and explained that The Sunkissed account was being managed by a new member of staff in their first week called 'Fran'.

Cheryle said that she would be taking my comments seriously and that she would make sure that she had a word with Fran about her conduct and to ensure that this didn't happen again to any other bloggers.

Because of how nice Cheryle seemed and because I didn't want to create any more drama about it. I decided to just let it go and told Cheryle I would follow Sunkissed again and continue as normal, just draw a line under everything.

So over the weekend to show no hard feelings I've been Retweeting Sunkissed and even sent a few tweets to show there was no ill feeling on my part. I noticed that my tweets were getting ignored and again I put it down to them being busy, not seeing the tweets etc. I noticed that whoever was on the sunkissed account (I sound like a stalker now lol) was following other people, Favouriting tweets and also tweeting, it became obvious that I was being ignored. I didn't know if this 'Fran' lady was still running the account or if it was someone else, I'm not sure but I'm not stupid, I know when I'm getting the cold shoulder.

I got an email from Cheryle this morning Thanking me for not speaking publicly about the crappy way I've been treated and she said that there would be new Sunkissed products coming up in the next year that she would like to send me to review. I thought on one hand this was nice but on the other hand I thought that this was just to keep me sweet so I wouldn't say anything on TheBloggersPost page to the 7,207 bloggers that follow me on there lol (you know what they bad word from a blogger spreads like wildfire)

We are now on Monday night and after everything I've decided to unfollow the @WeLoveSunkissed account and I won't be doing any reviews or buying their products again. I know it sounds all dramatic and silly but the whole thing has left a sour taste in my mouth.

I know the actions of one person can't be blamed on Cheryle or The Company but at the end of the day they do share a little bit of the responsibility because it's their job to ensure that the right, qualified person is looking after their account and who understands the importance of a good and positive reputation. That person should also understand and respect Bloggers and the work they do. A lot of brands nowadays grow because of Bloggers.

I mentioned the other day in a chat that I don't have this blog to be popular or to receive products from companies. I have this blog as a hobby and I include products etc that I'm interested in and I will share my honest thoughts and that also includes customer service and my experiences working with other brands.

If a brand was too scared to work with me after reading my views on this post, I couldn't care less because I will still continue to blog about my Favourite products etc. Fortunately my experience with Sunkissed is a rare one and maybe that's why I was kind of taken aback by it all.

The Sunkissed products are great products and I hope that lessons have been learned from all this. I know I've learned a lot from this.

Well, rant over!!

Thank you as always for reading x