The #Lush ButterBear Bath Bomb (Only £1.95)

My obsession with Lush continues esp their Christmas range and last night I tried the 'ButterBear bath Bomb' and it was......Amazing (as to be expected with Lush Bath Bombs)

Come to think of it, I have never tried a Lush product I didn't like, I seem to love everything they do and so do many others, I'm not alone in my Obsession!

Ok, so I ran my bathtub full of water then I dropped the ButterBear in and watched it Fizz around the bath water. The ButterBear doesn't give your bath bubbles but it does scent your water and when you step in you're greeted with a soothing, divine smell of Cocoa Butter which cleanses, softens and relaxes your skin.

When I stepped out of the bath my skin was as soft as a Baby's. I didn't even bother putting my moisturiser on. I love how my skin was feeling afterwards. To think that this Bath Bomb is only £1.95, you can't go wrong, it's an absolute bargain!!!

Quickly, snap one up, you'll be glad you did!!!

You can find the ButterBear Bath Bomb Instore or Online!

As Always, Happy Pampering (and Happy Christmas Shopping) x