Retro Sweets Christmas Box for only £20!!! (+ Free Delivery)

I've been looking forward to sharing this post with you because I know some people have started their Christmas Shopping and even at this time of year everyone likes a bargain.

I'm a big fan of Retro sweets and with being Vegetarian sometimes it's hard to find sweets that I can have that don't contain pork etc. Luckily there is a company called 'Chewbz' and they have an Amazing selection of all kinds of sweets and the prices are reasonable too!

This is the second time I have ordered from them because their customer service is really good, the delivery is swift and the sweets are always packaged really well.

There are quite a few sweet companies that advertise 'Christmas Hampers, Birthday Hampers' etc and the prices are Crazy so I thought....why not just make one myself.

I ordered tons of sweets from Chewbz and created my own 'Christmas Hamper' and it cost me a total of....... £20 (and that included delivery)

See what you think, here's some pics (I really enjoyed writing this post, oh and btw it's not sponsored, all contents have been purchased by myself):


Pineapple Cubes

Sweet Peanuts

Giant Strawberries (These are Addictive!)

Kola Kubes

Aniseed Twists 

Wham Bars

Rainbow Drops

2 x Giant Candy Canes

Here is the list of the prices (prices depend on what size.amount of each product you require):

- Rainbow Drops ~ £1.99
- 2 x Giant Candy Canes ~ £3.50 (In Total) 
- Sweet Peanuts ~ £2.50
- Giant Strawberries ~ £2.50
- Aniseed Twists ~ £2.50
- Wham Bar (5 bars) ~ £1.99
- Pineapple Cubes ~ £2.50
- Kola Kubes ~ £2.50 

Total (Including Delivery) = £19.98!!!!!!!!!

When you order from Chewbz you will recieve your sweets carefully wrapped in pretty pink bags with labels and tissue paper. 

You will also recieve a full list of their products and their ingredients in the package.

Have fun and browse their website here: Chewbz

They are also on Twitter: @Chewbz (they don't update too often on twitter but hopefully this will change at some point)

and their Facebook page Here!

Thank you as always for taking the time to read my post x