Festive Winter bargains from Tesco

Hi Everyone,

Christmas is almost upon us and this year seems to have flown by. Next Friday is 'Black Friday' one of the, if not THE biggest shopping day of the year! Are you going to be taking advantage of the sales?, being the Shopaholic that I am, I will be!

So I thought I would post about some of the goodies I picked up from Tesco and it will include quite a few traditional winter pieces that will hopefully get you in the Festive mood as it has me.

It was my Birthday earlier this month on Bonfire night and I posted about what I got up to, what I ate etc etc, you can view that post Here!

So this month I've been getting in the Festive mood and added some extra bits and pieces to my Tesco Shop.

Have a peek.....

Mr Kiplings Scrumptious Mince Pies, I bought 2 packs (They're currently only £1.00 so get your skates on if you fancy some while they are on offer lol)

Glade's Luminous Apple Spice Candles. I'm Obsessed with these, they are Gorgeous and smell divine. I got mine from Tesco (also on offer right now at £2.00)

I love making my own Latte's at home and in winter I love adding Nutmeg or Cinnamon to them. Tesco do these great jars for only 85p!

I love having plenty of candles lit at this time of year. It feels more Christmassy and relaxing. These tealights are great and retail at only £1.75 from Tesco.

If you're Veggie like me, you should check out Tesco's range of Vegetarian foods. I love the Quorn Cocktail Sausages, Quorn Picnic Eggs and Falafels. 

I just couldn't resist this Tatty Teddy Advent Calender (I'm a big Kid) £2.00 from Tesco. I bought my Boyfriend a Simpsons one lol! (Two big kids)

I also picked up some Nivea (I've always loved the smell of this), I got the 200ml tub so that should keep me going for a while. The 200ml tub retails at £2.95 and the smaller tub at 50ml retails at £1.40.

Other bits that I picked up were, Cadbury's Hot Chocolate and some Wintery food such as Mash potatoes, Gravy, Cauliflower, Cheese Sauce those kind of things that we all like at this time of year, comfort food!

Hope you enjoyed the post and found some bargains to add to your shopping list. I'm definitely in the Festive mood!

Thanks for reading x

**Prices may vary from time of post, you can find all the products above at Tesco | This is not a sponsored post**