Father Christmas Bath Bomb #Lush

I love Lush Products and it's physically impossible for me to walk past a Lush shop without popping in any stocking up on their Gorgeous handmade goodies.

There's nothing better than a lovely pampering Lush Bubblebath.

I've bought quite a few things from their Christmas range (My beloved Snow Fairy, of course) which I will be featuring on here on the run up to Christmas.

I love posting and trying out Lush products and I love reading other bloggers posts involving Lush products.

So this time I tried the 'Father Christmas' bath bomb and as usual it was a fun, relaxing and surprising experience because on the outside the bath bomb looks pink and white but when it fizzes out in the bath it makes the water green.

I love it and bought quite a few of them on a whim so I'm glad I did because I'm looking forward to having another one tonight lol. Perfect for these cold, wintery evenings and really Festive. I love the divine smell that reminds me of Snow Fairy.

Your skin is left soft, pampered and smelling Gorgeous!

The 'Father Christmas' bath bomb retails at £3.65 and you can find it at Lush online Here! or Instore.

Happy Pampering!!!