Birthday,Bonfire Night & Healthy Eating out the window!

Hey everyone,  Hope you enjoyed your Halloween and Bonfire Night. As you may know (if you're a regular follower of my Blog/Twitter) it was my Birthday on 5th November...yes, Bonfire Night (I love having a Birthday on Bonfire/Guy Fawkes Night) and I thought I would just update with you some of the things I've been loving in October and going into November, so here goes...

So my Birthday was Fabulous! I didn't go out, I had a little quiet celebration with some friends which resulted in many glasses of wine being consumed and junk food galore. My poor Intestines have suffered this last few days I can tell you....but hey, it was my Birthday so I suppose I can be forgiven for being so unhealthy. 

I couldn't be bothered cooking on my Birthday so it was all about Domino's Pizza and I had to order my Favourite, which is the Veggie Supreme. It was Scrumptious as usual. We also got little starters like nachos and Garlic bread.

We didn't order a Dessert from Domino's because I had this Gigantic Birthday Cupcake which was so yummy (I still have loads of this left in the fridge). It had a raspberry and cream sponge filling and the topping was icing mixed with cream....divine, plus the little hundreds and thousands sprinkled on top. You can find this Cupcake at Morrisons Supermarket.

I've been truly spoiled with my Birthday this year and was so excited to get some more makeup pieces from my absolute Fave....Christian Dior. I needed a new Eyeshadow palette and I'm obsessed with this new one (5 Couleurs, 276: Carre Bleu)

My Amazing other half bought me some more of one of my Favourite all time fragrances 'Estee Lauder Pleasures' (I was wearing this when we first met) and he had it gift wrapped at the Estee Lauder counter in Boots as an extra treat for me. I love the gift wrapping, it's so Christmassy and I'll be picking up some gifts from Boots anyway when I do more Christmas Shopping so I'll be getting them Gift wrapped.

On a side note: as you may know I'm a massive Depeche Mode/Dave Gahan fan and Dave has released his second side project album with Soulsavers. They've been doing a mini tour and live streaming some of the concerts which have been Amazing! There's loads of clips on youtube if you fancy checking them out but you can also find/buy the album 'Angels and Ghosts' Here! from Itunes.

Dave Gahan and Soulsavers Performing Live on 'Jools Later' October 2015.

Are you Excited for Christmas yet? I am, I'm also looking forward to doing plenty of Christmas Shopping. I'm hoping to go to Glasgow and do some Christmas shopping there (I love Shopping in Glasgow)

Thanks for checking out my post/blog as always!!!