50 Random Questions Tag!

Hey Guys!

It's been ages since I last did a Questions Tag and I saw this one on the Fabulous BeingBexs Blog and I enjoyed reading her answers so I thought I would have a go, you should too.

Here goes....

1) Full Name - Joanne Gahan
2) Zodiac Sign - Scorpio!
3) How Tall Are You - 5'2 (I wear heels, good things come in small packages lol).
4) 3 Fears - Death, Heights, No Makeup (haha)
5) 3 Things You Love - My other half, Sir Freddie Mercury (My black cat) & MJ (My Tabby Cat). I love lots of other people/things obv but I'm only allowed 3 here lol.
6) Who is your Best Friend - Hmmm it would be a tie between my other half and childhood/lifelong friend. It would be hard for me to choose!
7) Last song you listened to - Heaven knows I'm miserable now by The Smiths!
8) 4 Turn Ons - Nice Aftershave, Nice dress sense, well groomed, Tattoos.
9) 4 Turn Offs - Bad Hygiene, Chavy clothes, Mummy's Boys, Control Freaks!
10) What colour is your underwear right now? - Black
11) How many Tattoo's/Piercings do you have? - 2 Tattoos (so far) and just my ears pierced.
12) How do you feel right now? - Relaxed and in the mood for another cup of tea!
13) Something you really really want? - Anything Dior related, I love their stuff.
14) Current relationship status? - Taken
15) Meaning behind your URL? - My Blog name is a combination of 'Caledonian' (I'm a Scottish Gal) and 'Hello Kitty' lol.
16) Fave TV Show - Anything Prof David Wilson is in. I love Real Crime Docu's.
17) Fave Movie? - The Crow
18) Fave Flavour - Banana
19) 3 things that upset you? - Bitchy Bloggers, Animal Cruelty, Poverty in the UK (Which doesn't get much attention in the media I feel)
20) 3 things that make you happy - Shopping, Bubblebaths, Nice bloggers (haha)
21) What do you find attractive in other people? - Their originality (embrace your imperfections because they make you beautifully original)
22) Someone you miss? - My Dad (he lives in London)
23) Someone you love? - Myself (I mean that in terms of self-acceptance)
24) How many siblings do you have? - 1 Brother
25) What does your last text message say? - 'I'm on my way home babes, do you want me to pick up something for dinner? (from other half when he finished work!
26) Fave Holiday? - Christmas
27) A Confession? - I one pinched a packet of Strawberry Shoelaces from a shop in my hometown in Scotland when I was about 8 (Don't tell the police lol)
28) Fave Animal - I love all Animals and believe they deserve to be happy and respected.
29) Fave Store - I love shopping in 'Fenwick' whenever I visit the beautiful city of York!
30) Fave Food - Veggie Subs from Subway (with plenty of olives)
31) No of kids you want? - Ideally I would like two (we've already chosen our names) but I will leave that in the hands of fate because you never know what might happen, if I was only able to have one I would be happy and love the child with all my heart (oohh deep moment lol)
32) Do you need to do laundry? - Yes, I go through towels like mad wit washing makeup off and endless bubblebaths.
33) Your dream location - Rome!
34) Last food that you ate? - Strawberry Jam on Toast with a cup of tea (I was in the mood for it lol)
35) Last time you took a shower? - This morning
36) What were you doing at 12am last night? - In bed....on Twitter (bad habit)
37) Are you wearing any perfume? - Yes, Estee Lauder 'Pleasures'
38) Do you wash your car or let the car wash do it? - Car Wash
39) Have you bought any clothing items in the last week? - No clothing bought in the last week....Makeup however is a different story lol)
40) When was the last time you went out of town? - Seems to long....Weekend away must be sorted out!
41) Do you have a Tan? - Ofcourse it's all natural (Hides St Tropez)
42) Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you - Lol, A Makeup bag!
43) Do you collect anything? - Nail Polishes, Accessories, Shoes, bags
44) What is your fave alcoholic drink? - Baileys with Ice!
45) What is your Fave Sport? - Ice Skating
46) PC or Mac - Either as long as it works lol
47) What's yoir Fave social media platform? - Twitter
48) When's your Birthday? - It's just been...5th November, I'm a Bonfire Night Baby!
49) Fave Ice Cream Flavour? - Mint
50) What's your Fave Quote? - At the moment it's the lyrics....."Behind the darkest clouds the sun always shines again" ~ Dave Gahan and Soulsavers 'My Sun'.

Wooooooohhhhhhhh All Done!!! Thank you for reading and hope you have fun doing this too if you choose to. Leave your links so I can read your answers and follow your blog!

Much Love, As Always x  Jo